Adidas Thunder Run 2013

Hey guys

I might be co-ordinating a team for the Thunder Run this year.

Has anyone done this event before? Any suggestions on what we should be considering when planning/training?

Also, if anyone is in London and wants to do the event let me know - we are matching solo runners into teams image


  • Hi BlueFrog

    We entered a team this year and is was great fun. Here's last years thread with a race report from our glorious team leader! We intend to return again next year!

    I think the key is deciding on the team size. Obvioulsy solo and twin are just insane image - I think the other options are 5 and 8's. If you plan on doing somewhere in the region of 20 - 24 laps, with 5's everyone does 4 or 5 laps which is a nice challenge. With 8's you're going to get 2 or 3 runs in each.

    Good luck!

  • Rafi are you coming with us next year or planning to bring your own team? image

  • I don't think we should break up a winning team HC - especially if Toucs is bringing the beers and BBQ again!! Is there a date yet? image

  • Yep, date set for the same weekend as this year and entries are open.  I'll speak to Trogs tonight.  Toucs looks like he's maybe going solo or pairing up with someone, you interested in a pair?  Or happy to stay in a five? image

    Beers and BBQ go without saying. image

  • Think I'll stay with you guys in the five - concentrating on IMs next year, so this is just a bit of fun between Lanza and Henley! image

  • I'm in, entry gone for solo...gulpimage. Brilliant event this year, although I was in a team of 7 so was obviously a bit easier.

    Bluefrog, it's ace particularly the night running through the forest with headtorches.

  • Just signed up with a team of 5 (was 8 last year).

    Amazing event, and I can't wait to do it all again. Is it too soon to start getting my kit ready?

    Last years report is on my blog somewhere ( if anyone's considering entering for the first time. Apologies though, it's a bit War & Peace.

    Oh, and +1 for the night runs. Especially with the glow in the dark face paint supplied by the Adidas people.
  • I'm in! In a pair but I'm treating it as fun. I'm not going to kill myself but it will be good to see how many I can manage. Did a similar run in a team of 8 last year - fantastic atmosphere!

    Born2Plod - you cut that fine! The FB page sent out an update earlier saying entry now full! image

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