Peroneus Longus



  • Nice post and thanks for sharing such a beneficial information.
  • I have the same issue, although it is brought about by cycling (both in cleats and flat pedals) and was also aggravated by running. Basically a burning sensation while cycling/running. I tried foam rolling/massaging and felt pins and needles and a feeling of an electric shock when applying pressure to the affected area. It's been pretty depressing as I've seen my 5km time drop from ~20 mins to not being able to complete 1km. At least I can still lift weights! I saw a few physios, who tried massage, and dry needling which didn't fix the issue.

    The latest physio believes it could be sciatica or peroneal nerve entrapment and prescribed a few exercises which seem to be helping to relieve the pressure (on top of a complete break from running and cycling for 2 weeks). They've had me performing glute bridges, piriformis stretching, and "press up sphinx" exercises. I've now completed week 2 of couch to 5k without issue, which I was quite nervous about initially.

    Hope the info is helpful to people!
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