Bracknell Half Marathon 2013

For the past few years the Organisers of the Bracknell Half Marathon have offered all runners a souvenir T Shirt at the end of the race. Runners that enter regularly will have a wardrobe full. The Organisers are currently looking into something different and would like to use this forum to canvas opinion. As last year was so wet a towel would have been more appropriate than a T shirt. That is what the Organisers are considering at present - a hand towel embroidered with the race logo. What do the runners think? 



  • Hello Chris, I'm a big admirer of the Bracknell Half - it's a top event, all credit to you and your team.

    I have several of the T-shirts, including one from 2003, all of which I wear to this day because they're good quality. Other race T's have fallen apart.

    I'd suggest something that people will use or wear, not just put on the shelf and forget. I've got a Bracknell Half water bottle somewhere and a couple of gym bags (none of which I use, but that's just me).

    How about a buff (or generic version thereof, like the Oxford Comfy)? But I'd still be happy with a T-shirt. A hand towel - maybe.

    You might want to ask the question on the General forum btw, it won't drop down the page so quickly.

  • Sounds good to me Chris, it will make a change and be useful, I must admit I do have a wardrobe full from the last 15 years from running your great race.   But if you think last year's Bracknell was wet you should have been at last week's Marlow - knee high floods.

  • I'll be boring and say I still like your t-shirts! But I'd say I may prefer a baseball cap/visor or an embroidered beanie hat to a towel - would probably get more use from  a hat, plus it would be seen more and hence advertise the event??

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I ran the Cardiff Half Marathon a couple of years ago and they gave out small towels (just bigger than a face cloth) as a memento. I must admit I wasn't initially impressed, but found it useful over the next year or so, mainly for a quick wipe down at the end of a sweaty run.  Which is a lot more benefit than the cotton t-shirts given away at the majority of events.

  • I like t-shirts, but being a small lady, many of even the small size ones given out at races still swamp me, so end up sat in a drawer.  Never wear hats, but liked the mug we got at the Shinfield 10k this year. Nice touch that they used it to give us our drink at the end of the race.


  • Only run one Half so far, Bracknell 2012 so not overly qualified to comment.  T-shirt was nice, good quality and design, sizing seemed to come up small or perhaps thats cause I broke my leg and put on weight, it didnt seem right wearing it and using crutches !!  I like the idea of a small sweat towel and also the water bottle or mug in terms of what I would use more.  A buff I would use and I guess would be seen by others more. A baseball cap I would never use. My absolute favourite would be a technical tee as it would be used frequently and seen by many includeing probably at parkruns.

  • Sorry to be thick, but I'm sure I got a medal at this years Bracknell Half!

  • As did the rest of us Andy ... you were obviously so wasted that you forgot to collect your T-shirt!

  • as long as they still do medals then i dont mind what other freebies come with it- it would just be a bonus!

  • clearly I was Muttley image  b*gg*r, can't believe I missed that - well I can - it was cold and v wet so I just wanted to get to the car...

    I was pleased with the medal though.

    But to help Chris with his feedback request - the idea of a small towel is a good one.  I could keep it in the car for those "after race" moments.

    Knitted hat maybe? I use them in winter, although with the timing of the race, if the weather was warm that might appear a bit daft, just coming into Spring/Summer.

  • Boing to the top of the page.

    (Given the weather this year, Andy, you could be forgiven ... but it was a really nice T-shirt, I can tell you. Lovely material, excellent fit ... You missed out there, mate image)

  • Muttley wrote (see)

    As did the rest of us Andy ... you were obviously so wasted that you forgot to collect your T-shirt!

    Probably in too much of a hurry to get back to the car and eat his cream egg!

  • I didn't have them this time LWJ - maybe I should have kept a secret stash!!

  • image ...........  image

  • Who needs Gels to get them round a half marathon course when you have a secret stash of cream eggs.... image

  • Bracknell T-shirts are always quality, infact the only ones I wear after the event. Maybe you could go technical with them for a change? I have to say I've used the water bottle most out of things you've given out in recent years, a replacement would be nice. I like the Buff idea though, they have a personalised one for the Snowdonia marathon & it's ace, I'd happily add a Bracknell one to my wardrobe!

  • Lady Wot Jogs wrote (see)

    Who needs Gels to get them round a half marathon course when you have a secret stash of cream eggs.... image

    Maybe I should start a new craze........image

  • Hat, gloves, socks, running belt would be my suggestions.

  • All of them?  Some people are so greedy..........

  • image ... image 

  • Well that worked out well 

  • Bracknell next year is the week after London image

  • You're doing London again aren't you LWJ?

  • Chris

    You are a gentleman - thank you for the parcel recevie yesterday.



  • Yes i have a place Andy.

  • The Bracknell Half Marathon Office will close for the Christmas Holiday at lunchtime on Friday 21st December and will reopen on Thursday 2nd January.The Online Registration service will remain open throughout the Christmas Holiday. To enter the race please visit . Entries made during the office closure will be processed as soon as the office reopens.General Enquiries to will not be processed until January 2nd. However Runners with any urgent questions should post on the Runners World message board as the Organisers will check this regularly.

    The Organisers look forward to receiving your entry, but in the meantime would like to wish all Runners a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.


  • Thank you to those that contributed to the race memento discussion. We have decided to have a change and will be putting a reasonably sized hand towel in every goody bag. There will not therefore be race T shirts this year. We have received a sample of the towel and I think runners will be pleased. Entries are coming in at a steady rate with just about half already allocated. We will sell out so if you or any of your friends are thinking of entering don't leave it for too long.

  • Thanks for the update Chris - looking forward to the evnt, my entry is in image

  • I hope I've remembered to enter - better check! (age - memory is going) - yep, found the email confirmation. Looking forward to a nice towel - I've a wardrobe full of technical tees from races.

  • If the weather is the same as last year, we will def need that towel!!

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