Bracknell Half Marathon 2013



  • Ran Reading yesterday and decided I fancied another have signed up to this one!  Tomorrow I may be questioning my sanity image

  • Last year's Bracknell half was run in similar conditions to Reading yesterday AT, so your run yesterday will have been "Character building" as Muttley says.

  • I attended Reading yesterday as my daughter ran her first half marathon so I can concur that the weather was similar to Bracknell last year. Whilst we were not exactly caught on the hop last year, the weather made our lives as organisers a bit more difficult than normal. However we showed our versatility and the race went ahead as planned. We certainly don't have the same infrastructure or back up as Reading, nor do we have a magnificent stadium to finish in. However we do put on a race with a big heart, which is run by a great team of professionals with support from a terrific set of volunteers. Places are selling quickly so don't delay. Looking forward to seeing old friends and new faces on 28th april

  • I did Marlow Duathlon yesterday and the weather was ok for running (well, sort of...) but it was bloody miserable on the bike! Unfortunately it's not always going to be 12ºC with light cloud cover and a gentle westerly breeze.

    The worst I've encountered was at Brockenhurst last March, when the temperature dropped from 9º to 2º between leaving home and starting the race. In a vest. And then the rain came down. And then the wind got up. St Johns were very busy at the end of that one.

    It's always worse for runners with less racing experience, because until you've done a few in a variety of conditions you just don't have a clue how hot or cold you're going to get.

  • One thing I'll make sure of this year - that I don't forget to collect my race memento - D'oh!image

  • Hi Andy,

    You'll be alright if it rains - we are giving everyone a towel this year!!

  • I'm not doing London now so fancy this but can't see how to enter.  

  • Panic over, managed to find it and have entered.

  • Thanks Chris, had problems with Google Chrome it kept breaking the link, but sorted now.

  • Thanks Chris - look forard to the towel.

    LWJ - welcome aboard - shall I bring the creme eggs again?image

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I'll see you there, chaps.

  • andyp wrote (see)

    Thanks Chris - look forard to the towel.

    LWJ - welcome aboard - shall I bring the creme eggs again?image

    Yes, let's half one as a reward at the 10 mile point image

  • .....and at the finish, and....... and........image

  • image ... what you talking about now? image

  • Are the entries still being accepted or is it too late?

  • Lady Wot Jogs wrote (see)

    image ... what you talking about now? image

    Oooh Matron.....image

  • I have been out of the office for a few days and therefore I am not sure how many places are left. I am back tomorrow morning and will confirm then

     Cheers Chris

  • As at 8.00 am on Tuesday 26th March there are less than 200 places remaining for the Bracknell half marathon. We would anticipate that entries will close as scheduled in the middle of next week. 

  • There are only a few more days to enter this years Bracknell half marathon. Entries will close early next week, so anyone not yet entered, but wanting a place needs to get a move on.

    Just a reminder that the organisers do not operate any form of waiting list/number exchange/refund system. If you haven't entered you cannot run!

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Entries for the Bracknell Half Marathon are closed and the organisers will not therefore be accepting any further entries. There is no number exchange, no waiting list and no entries on the day. Entry fees are non-refundable.

    Race packs will be sent out approx 10 days before the race and a message posted when they have been sent

  • Nervously looking forward to this. My fitness seems to have gone since the reading half marathon, but am looking forward to pushing myself round the course. It will all become more real when I get my pack. I did like the postcard to confirm entry!

  • All of the runners packs for the Bracknell half marathon were posted out second class late yesterday evening. They should start dropping through letterboxes towards the end of the week.

     Every year for some unknown reason a number of runners packs do not arrive. Runners are asked to wait until a the Thursday or Friday before the race before contacting the office about the non arrival of race packs.

    If your runners pack does not arrive, the organisers will NOT post out a replacement. You will be able to collect a new number at the Race information desk on the day of the race, subject to the production of appropriate ID.

    The Organisers will not be operating a number exchange, there will not be any entries on the day, entry fees are non-refundable and entries cannot be deferred to any future Bracknell half marathon. Runners MUST NOT give their allocated number to anyone else.

     Please note that the Race will start at 9.00 am prompt in front of South Hill

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    And Southwest Trains have chosen 28 April for engineering works between Reading and Bracknell. Bus replacement so longer journey times. Take into account when planning your travel, given the earlier-than-most start time of 0900 for this event.

  • Hello,

    Next Sunday am gonna do Bracknell half marathon. I was suppose to go with a friend (in his car) but due a problem at the last minute he cant go. Is someone else going to Bracknell half marathon from Reading? I needed a ride and i am happy to help with the fuel costs.



  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Calling Mr Vall, calling Mr Vaal ... my number and chip haven't arrived. I'll drop by the organizers' desk early on the day.

  • Bruno - I can't help you as I'm coming from Ascot. I could pick you up at Bracknell Railway Station at about 8 o' clock, but I'm not sure the trains/bus replacements run that early from Reading on a Sunday

    Muttley - you left it a bit late to notice that! - About 6 hours ago I thought I'd lost mine after a radical cleaning session and desk tidying in the study/office. Found it in a tidy pile of sheet music.


  • Good luck getting that resolved Muttley.

    Have an enjoyable run everyone.  Looking outside this afternoon, weather could be similar to last year - I'll take me willies!!

  • Hello Chillies for breakfast, I went today to Reading train station to see if i have train or bus for tomorrow and i bought a bus ticket (no train tomorrow). The bus is at 7:30(Reading train station) and arrive at Bracknell train station at 8:08. From the Bracknell Railway Station to the start line how are you going? I am gonna send you a message.


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