Problems walking

I am a very light runner, always on a treadmill the last few years. When I'm going a lot I have problems walking after only ten minutes the day after. My front calf muscles feel so tight I have to sit down. I've tried stretching this part before and after running but with no difference. The only thing that helps is deep heat every morning before I walk to the station! Any ideas?


  • Hi Polly, when you say front calf do you mean your shin?

  • Getting a physio or sports massage therapist to strip out the muscles on your shin might help

  • Hello. Yes I mean shin. Sorry!
  • several things you could try. although i am no expert so please take everything i say as just a suggestion.

    You could be lifting your toes too high when you run causing overworked shin muscles
    Your calf muscles could be too tight causing soreness by association.
    you could have adhesions in the shin muscles in which case massage should help.
    You may be coming down too hard on your heels, causing shin splint like pain.

    Sorry can be more specific, but as you can see there can be many reasons
    The easiest to change and try would be the massage and stretch calf muscles
    other than that, speak to physio as mentioned. try ice packs as well

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