Asics Target 26.2

Just put my application in for the Asics 26.2 just in time!

Fingers crossed and good luck to anyone else that has applied!


  • I applied too. Good luck! I wonder when we'll hear?
  • I applied. I am not hopeful. I think a huge story helps image. Aww well fingers crossed anyway. I wish they disclosed when the short list would be announced. I am checking 3 times a day lol
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I think it said that we'd be told after 16th November for the shortlist if we're in that list.

  • not long for my email then image

  • Woohoo. Good luck to us all. We will all work hard at achieving our marathon goal regardless.
  • I wonder when and how we will find out. hope it's soon x
  • I found out yesterday but cannot make the 30th so I'm stuffed image


  • Just a friendly word runnersbeen - you might want to stop telling people that on the various threads - you've probably just cost someone else their place (they didn't replace the drop outs last year).

    Hope everyone else checked their dates before they entered.  It was the one and only reason I didn't enter this year!

  • I'd love to be in but relaxed if not, although feedback suggests it would be a very positive journey. All things crossed.

  • Oh no sounds like people have found out yesterday then.

     Oh well I will just try again next year and am still going to do my first full marathon next year x

  • I would love to have gone, its just one of those things, when I entered I could have gone.

  • I guess by the fact I've not heard anything back by now means I didn't make the cut?
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