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    Av. power for the 20 mins = 105% of ftp.
    ftp/weight = power to weight.

    That comes out at 3.421W/Kg.. I'm not sure what to do with this number now..

    Absolutely nothing.  What you might use if you have a power meter is your ftp to calculate a range of training zones - different intensities - for different durations.

  • What was the 20 minute test procedure?


    Warm up – 10mins easy spinning
    4 x 1min max effort @ 105+ RPM with 3min RI.


    Start the test at a strong sustainable pace
    Build for the first 5minutes then hold for the duration of the test
    With 3mins to go give it everything
    Warm down – 5mins easy spinning
    Record average power and heart rate for the 20 minutes

    I started a bit too hard and faded a little after about 12 minutes.. it was just a case of hanging on and trying not to throw up for the last 3 minutes rather than picking it up! 

  • Nice on. Much like popsider says, you can use the FTP to give yourself training zones. So for a 40kmTT you'd typically train in the Threshold zone. Top end of same zone for 10mi TTs or sprint tris. IM would be endurance zone.

    Coggan and Allen's book Training and Racing with a power meter is a good background/base for knowledge.

    I hate the 20 minute test with a passion. The one I do has a 5min all-out after the 1min reps and before the 20 minutes. I gather it is to ensure there is no anaerobic component to the 20 minute AP.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    20min power ! not sure I can measure that on my Penny Farthing.

    CD - how about a return to the Swashbuckler in June ? if it doesnt clash with a S E Hants cricket festival then I'm probably going back to take on the tide !

  • I think the lack of racing has gone to my head a bit. I've signed up for about 10 races over the next 3 months. First up is a 10 mile run this weekend.. plan is to cycle about 40k to the start line and just aim to break an hour on the run. Really looking forward to a sprint tri at the start of May. I did the same race last year so it would be a good benchmark to see any improvements. Finished 16th in 1:06 last year and i reckon my swim, bike and run have all improved a lot since. Possibly enough for top 5 based on last years results. One main aim for this year is a top 3 finish in a national series race so this will be the first shot at it.

  • Picked up a small knee injury somewhere along the way in the last couple of weeks.. I'm seeing a physio and its IT band related. I figured i'd try do something worthwhile since i couldn't run so I had video analysis done in the pool. I was happy enough with how it looked but i was crossing over a little and not reaching far enough.. later the same day I did a 1k time trial and smashed my PB by a full minute, beating my 750m PB on the way. Great result!! Hopefully i'll manage a sub 6 minute 400m swim tonight. Just hope my knee is alright now. First test for it is a sprint duathlon this weekend.

  • Finally did a sub 6 minute 400m swim! Been wanting to hit that for months! 5:58 beats my old PB by 10 seconds

  • Great swimming B_Kins, I got my first sub 7 last week (6:45), I guess sub 6 is the next target image

  • Cheers BrokeButTri'ng. 6:45 is smashing sub 7 - Nice one!

  • good enough run out today in the duathlon.. vicious winds didn't go well with my 80mm front wheel, neither did the front brake rubbing for the entire bike leg! worryingly my knee flared up for the 2nd run, enough to slow me down to a cautious pace but late enough on that i was still able to finish. 7th or 8th overall out of 150 was okay with plenty of room to improve!

  • Nice work with the duathlon mate, I think that's great that you got out the front door in this crappy weather... I think your about on the same level as me more or less by looking at your stats, I also did a 7th 2 weeks ago in a duathlon with a 150 in it, also on the thread topic which HIM are you going for your sub 5 in? I managed my pb last year with a 4:50 at the British champs, even with a craptastic swim of 37 minutes?!? The bike went well with a 2:39 on a undulating course and a mediocre run so you can probably guess what I been working on this year... I'm hoping too get my swim down to sub 6 for 400 currently on 6:30ish according too my garmin... Anyway too sum it up good workimage
  • Its the Irish champs in Westmeath in May. Tri an Mhi CXIII. I have done 4:55 already in last years national champs and won my age group. It was a long bike course by 3km and that was 1:47 I think. 31 minute swim and a 1:35 partially offroad run. Could have run better but very happy with sub 5 that race. Would love to hang onto the national age group title. It looks more competitive this year!

    Swimming has improved a lot, biking is much the same but with new gear image and i've done a 1:17 half marathon since then too.. hoping to go around 4:50 this time but based on last years results that will be very tough! On the right course i'd like to aim for 4:30 but this isn't that courseimage 

    Next task is to shake this knee injury.. i'm signed up for a 5k during the week but that looks like a bad idea now. Are you aiming for any big races this year?

  • Got the British champs again with that 4:50 I was like 5th in age group or something stupid, I also have a full iron distance in September looking too go sub 10:30 working towards an overall sub 10 in the next year or so, god I wish I could run a 1:17 HM my pb is 1:30 but only ever done one, also my bike course was 3km longer as well! Shame you can't do British champs that would be a great race.... Hintimage
  • Where and when are they on? Any hope of even getting a place in it? I'm considering doing the worlds in London in September but undecided for now. I have to decide by mid June if I want my place.

  • British champs are in Milton Keynes, yes places are a liable and it's 120 quid, I was considering doing the worlds as I know the organiser, don't think I'm gonna cut it in my AG though (25-29) and now I have challenge Henley in September as well so kinda puts a lid on that idea
  • jamie tardi wrote (see)
    British champs are in Milton Keynes, yes places are a liable and it's 120 quid, I was considering doing the worlds as I know the organiser, don't think I'm gonna cut it in my AG though (25-29) and now I have challenge Henley in September as well so kinda puts a lid on that idea

    You're an old'un now JT. One of my clubmates is M20-24. There are 5 places available per AG at Bristol, and only 3 entered! Race closed too.

  • Same age group as me jt. Not sure the trip to the worlds is worth the money considering I'll probably finish closer to the bottom than the top! If I can get down to about a 2:05 Olympic then maybe!
  • Missed a good 5k race last night through injury. It was one I was targeting for a PB and a club race.. on the flipside I took 2.5 minutes off my 1,500m swim PB.. 24:47. Could easily have kept going at that pace until 1.9k. Can't wait to get into a wetsuit and see what kind of swim times I can hit in OW. Should be well under 30 minutes at this rate!

  • first sprint of the year was yesterday.. considering i haven't really cycled or ran in about 2 months it went quite well. swam a PB of 11:50 then a 34 minute bike and 18:30 run to finish 18th. the bike and run need to be better but that will come back when i get back into training again. looks like the injury has cleared anyway! 

    the middle distance championships are in 2 weeks.. how do i get a bit of distance into my legs at this stage without overdoing it?? i think my bike needs the most work.. i guess i could just live on the bike for about 10 days then take a few days off before the race.. 

  • Maybe that would work.  I'm also finding the bike harder this year - the last few years I've done a lot more cycling over the winter in prep for IM but not so much this time, partly down to the weather and partly because a half is my limit for this summer.  It showed at the ballbuster in march and it's showed on any ride since then longer than 30 miles.  Getting back though, more cycling now that marathon season is over, 50 hilly miles yesterday which were a huge improvement on the previous weekend.  Can't beat time in the saddle!

  • 50 hilly miles is what i've been missing most from my training.. Its going to be a tough weekend! The middle distance champs are on Saturday. There's a good chance the swim will be shortened or even changed to a run as the water is only around 10 degrees. We did 500m last night in an aquathon and it was bloody freezing! Hopefully it goes ahead as normal though.

    Chances of breaking 5 hours are low. Its a slow course and I'm not feeling at all fit after 2 months out. The bike will destroy me!

  • How did you do B_Kins? Think I'm going to go for sub-5 at Lanza in October image

  • Didn't go well for me at all. As predicted the bike destroyed me!

    First off, the swim was shortened to about 800m with a strict 20 minute cut off to avoid freezing to death. Out and back, the out was into a small chop and all 350 people in one wave so it was a bit hectic. Coming back was a lot nicer. Left on the bike with the transition area still full of bikes so i was happy with that.

    The bike leg was a 93k 2 lap course with a couple of big climbs thrown in. I haven't been on a long bike ride since September so I was worried about it. First lap went well and even ended with a smile for the camera. Once I hit the big climb for the second lap I struggled big time. I couldn't even get into the big ring on a flat for the rest of the bike. Average spped dropped by about 3kph by the time i finished the second lap. Made it around in 3 hours which would have been okay if I had found it easy but i was busted.. Made it through about 5 small gels, a box of fig rolls and a litre of high 5 zero on the bike so nutrition wasn't a problem.

    Obviously at this stage any hope of a 1:25 run were out the window. The run was a struggle from the first step to the last. Hips and glutes were in bits by the time i finished but i kept decent form despite running slowly. 1:50 half marathon brought me in around 5:15.

    Had I not been injured for the last 3 months i think it would have been different but I still enjoyed the race and the atmosphere. Also it was nice to be running with no care about where i finished! Main thing I've learned is that lots of bike training is crucial. I've an olympic triathlon this weekend and another next weekend which will hopefully go a lot better.

  • Did the Olympic go better B_Kins?  Any chance of a sub 5 later in the year?

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