Top tips required for the cold weather crew

Does anyone else find it harder work running in the winter months compared to in the summer? My running kit isn't that much heavier - a jacket and a long sleeve base layer compared with just a short sleeved one and full leggings compared with capris. 

I've been running for about 18 months and have built up my distance sensibly over that time.  Generally speaking I go out at least twice a week, sometimes 3 times.  If I run twice a week then I substitute my 3rd session for a High Intensity Interval Training Fitness Class - not an easy option: I didn't realise there were that many squats in the world!

One of my weekly runs is about 9.25 miles and the other runs are about 6.5 miles.  Both routes are hilly/ undulating, but generally road based.

I'd be really interested to hear of any top tips from fellow runners who also find it more tiring when they run in winter compared with in the summer.  Any thoughts?


  • Lady if your struggling give yourself a good warmup indoors before you set out with some stretching. Unless it's very windy I normally find running in the winter a lot nicer than summer as it's not as hot and sweety. image 

  • I prefer running in the winter.   Lower heart rate for one.    I dont get sweaty or sweety!

  • Lady

    Maybe you could try doing a run with just the long sleeved base layer, and not the jacket?

    I used to be guilty of massively overdressing for winter running, and I regularly see people with way too many clothes on. I think you should be cold when you first step out of the house, feel a little chilly for the first mile or so, and be nice and comfortable after about 2 miles.

    Cake - trying to lure in Ladies with sweets is bad forum etiquetteimage


  • Gilets are great for this kind of temperature. I've not gone to jackets yet as it hasnt been that cold round here.

    As for it being harder - I've not really noticed that. It is nice to get out in crisp sunshine though - could the prob be that its just dark and miserable ?

  • image Oh heck sorry girls dyslexic and regually get sweet and sweat mixed up spelling from memory and I am very old you know. image

  • Let you off Cake.  Only as I lilke cake so much image

  • Just don't get them mixed up when you call Bookie a sweaty, um I mean sweety. image

  • The key point here is  'last couple of runs' I wouldn't be too quick to lay a couple of harder runs at the door of the weather.  Your runs could have been harder for any number of reasons. 

    In terms of temperature, when you run you produce heat and your body works to lose that heat in order to maintain a constant core temperature.  If your clothing is a mis match to the external temperature, and if your body is working properly, it will slow you down to reduce the amount of heat produced to keep your core temperature constant.  Put simply maintaining the same speed will seem harder.

    Once warmed up if all is well you should run more easily in the cold because it's easier to loose the heat you generate.


  • Lady F-B I don't think the info from RWUSA applies to your case because it's not that cold yet and you have increased your clothing.

  • Lady done my saint johns training and that's a expanation for hyperfermia as far as I can tell. Might be true for just normal running in the cold as well but slightly wary. Only thing i do know is if your cold your muslces are slightly more likely to pick up a sprain and strain so a warm up and stretching yourself out is a good idea.

  • I am stuggling a bit with breathing in the cold air as it kicks off my asthma. I ran this morning with a balaclava covering my mouth . Wearing a balaclava or a scarf makes me feel really furtive though.

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