Peoples opinion on stretching?

I am in my second week of C25K and obviously am just starting to make the runs slightly longer and I did my first run of the second week after I did a few stretches, but the day after my legs feel a bit tight.

I was just wondering do people here advocate stretches if so do you have any good guides that I could have a try of or have just a good warm down after I have finished the run.

Thanks for any input that will help my journey to becoming a competant runner!!


  • Stretching is absolutely very important. Have a look at this article:

    Generally it's not recommended to do static stretches before you're properly warmed up. Stretching should be done after your run. 

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  • Worlds worst stretcher here. I've cycled for 30 years, run for 10. Never really been injured.

  • cougie - Pretty lucky then! image

    I think because I have a mostly sedentary lifestyle, stretching is really important for me- even if just getting up from my desk to walk round the office and do a few exercises. I notice that if I don't stretch after my runs, then sitting at my desk the next day I feel a lot more achey! 

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  • I might occasionally stretch something if it feels slightly tight, but I'm not convinced it does much apart from ease my mind. With the exception of say track events, there's such a limited amount of limb motion required when running that I don't really see the poiint of it.
    The research done on the subject also suggest that it does bugger all. 

  • Tried it when I first started and found it was more likely to tweak a muscle than the running itself. Haven't done it for a year and no ill effects. Not saying it isn't useful for some folk, just not for me. Found a foam roller useful for my illiotibial band when that was a bit gimpy, and would recommend that without hesitation, but suspect that's more treatment for an issue than general practise.

  • I always used to do stretches but then I read an article that stated you shouldn't stretch before a run as it affects the elasticity of the muscles and therefore the muscles are already tiring before you've even started! I have it a go and so far so good, the only change I would recommend is to slow down a bit for the first mile or so and stretch when you've finished (if you're knackered like me!!)

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