I'm wondering how many days people rest on a typical week of training?

Personally I'm running 6 miles on 4 mornings a week, 3 of the days being back to back and one day I'm running 8-10 miles at the weekend. I'm starting to feel tired and my muscles ache before I've even set off, I'm thinking I maybe need to take a week off to fully rest, which I really don't want to do, or incorporate more rest days.

I'd love to hear your advice and experiences.




  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Depending on where I am in my training, I run between four and six days a week.  So that means between 1 and 3 rest days.

    How do you pace your runs?  even when running six times a week, I wouldn't do more than "three" quality sessions with the remaining sessions run at an easy recovery pace.

    For your three consecutive days, if you run the first day at a high pace you probably want to run the second and maybe the third day at a lower intensity.  

    Personally, taking a week off now and again is always worth it and doesn't have any major impact on your fitness. 

  • I generally have two rest days each week, which entails running no more than 3 miles on each day - try and run those days very easily - took a week off in the summer when on holdiay - (won't run Christmas Day or Boxing day either)

  • Thank you for the advice guys, it's interesting to see what other people do.

    I tend to run 2 of my runs at 8:30 mpm I do 2 tempo runs varying between 7.30mpm - 9.30 mpm and run my 10 mile run at about 9 mpm.

    Thta feels quite slow to me, would you suggest I take it slower?

    I am going on holiday for 10 days over Xmas, so I'm thinking about leaving my trainers at home and maybe just doing some swimming and lots of relaxing.


  • I like to take Monday and Friday off even when training for a run, I think your mpm times are good and if your slower mpm feel slow then that's good I personally wouldn't run any slower if it feels right it probberley is!

    Ps I would take my trainers I know holidays are for relaxing but isn't a nice easy run in the fresh air relaxing?

  • Same for me, the question of rest day! I've been running 5 days a week (35-40miles) but starting to get muscle pains. Wondering if this because I am pushing my track and tempo work too hard. It just catch up of not enough rest days.

    I love running almost every day but wanna know if this ultimately will damage me and shorten my running life?
  • I take every Thursday off, but there are times through the year where I do take a hole week off, maybe 3-5 weeks through the year.

  • If you measure your resting heart rate each morning before you get out of bed till tell you if you're overtraining, by a sharp increase of about 10or more BPM.

  • Usually run 6 times a week. At the moment am running every day, just not hard sessions on consecutive days.

  • I tend to have a rest day after any Tempo run or LSR as thats when I need them usually I run 2 other times per week, one at recovery pace after my LSR, and one at comfortable pace. Typically:

    Monday: Rest

    Tuesday: Recovery Run

    Wednesday: Tempo Run

    Thursday: Rest

    Friday: Comfortable Run

    Saturday: Parkrun or Rest

    Sunday: LSR

  • I run 3 times a week, never on consecutive days. Typically I'll do 6 miles on Tuesday and Thursday and then I'll either do a parkrun or long run at the weekend. I do the odd race here and there too.

    I'll take a week off if I'm going on holiday. I'll also miss runs if I'm feeling at all ill. If I ran a long hard race (10 miles or more) then I'll usually skip a run.

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