Hamstring strain (I think)

Just a little info, I regularly run 60+ mile weeks. I've just completed my 2nd but hilly marathon 3 weeks ago and had 2 days rest after, went out on a 8ish mile run day 3 and then felt a tiny twinge to the back of my knee.

I became ill and took time off for 4 days, got back into running after doing some short 3- 5 milers, niggle still there but nothing stopping me from running. So, I stupidly, last Saturday went on a 15 mile run and that was when I realised that yes, I did have an injury and I needed a break!

From what I gather (self diagnosis) I have strained the biceps femoris tendon, I think it's tendinitis rather than tendinosis as after the long run it was very swollen so I have been doing R.I.C.E the past week.

Fast forward to today, and I can walk with no pain, twinge still there sometimes swelling to a minimum now but again still present. But my question is, could I do a few 3- 5 milers as I was doing that before, it was the long run that ruined it. I know tendons take a while to heal but they have somewhat limited blood supply.Is it worth the risk, going on a 3 miler tomorrow or should I give it another few days rest??


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  • hi Rebecca

    Be careful with this injury. i still have a twinge when i do long runs, i always wear a support elastic badage, They are fantastic,  My hamstring went a week before The dublin marathon last year, But you get different strains of this injury, Mine was like a grade 1  which is a slight pull, I still done Dublin in 4HRS 27M as it was for charity, Also  after every long run i put a bag of frozen peas under my leg for 20 mins then a hot water bottle,  I know we are told to rest theese injuries and i rested for 6 weeks after the V.L.M, The trouble is i still would rather wear a support bandage after a long run as it does ache and a slight niggle, without it the support i think it could be prone to go again, and a week this sunday im off to do the Valencia marathon, everything has gone to plan at the moment, GOOD LUCK

  • Hey Talos64

    Thank you for the reply. Well my run this morning didn't go well, managed around the block before the pain kicked in, so back to icing it, although it hurts, it's not as swollen as before, so hopefully not back to square one!!

    Think I'll take aother few days off as obviously still not healed yet.

    Good luck with the Valencia marathon!!
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