10 mile race near London

I am looking for a 10 mile race in London (or nearby) in late January as I prepare for the Paris HM. Does anyone have a reccomendation, something with an interesting route would be good?


  • Dartford 10 on 20th January - not IN London, but not too far away.

  • Thanks Wilkie, have you done this one before? What is it like?

  • There aren't that many around.  Our club's Sidcup 10 used to be early Feb but we've moved it to March for next year to guarantee runable weather conditions.  I have done the Dartford 10 though and it's a good race.  Certainly not flat, it has a sharpish hill in the middle and most of the final mile is a looong drag up to the finish, but it's very well organised and fairly scenic in places (apart from the dual carriageway section!)  I'd recommend it.

  • hansyhobs wrote (see)

    Thanks Wilkie, have you done this one before? What is it like?

    I did it a few years ago.  It's fine - some parts go through pretty villagy places, others less attractive main roads.

    There are a couple of undulations, nothing major.

    Edit:  I've just read what Phil said!

  • Phil is putting me right off now, not a fan of hills at the best of times especially in the final mile!!!

  • It's all relative!  You would need to leave a bit in reserve for the final push but really it's still a reasonably fast course, maybe a couple of minutes slower than a pancake flat course.  The first hill at about 4 miles (?) is over fairly quickly and it's followed by a very nice section of gentle downhill down a country lane, and the rest of it is flat.  And as I say, you don't really have too much choice of 10 milers around that time of year (although there may be some I'm not aware of).

  • Thanks Phil, ok that doesn't sound too bad! I was picturing big monstrous things.
  • I am trying to enter this race - keep going around in circles to get an online entry - please can someone send me the link to the entry page  - the Striders page sends me to RW and that sends me to the striders!imageimage


  • Hi, I am part of the organizing club for the Dartford 10 and there are still entries available online and hopefully on the day as well.  Several factors have conspired in the couple of years and we have had to move the race but we are up and raring to go this year..... It is a fair course and you will be cheered all the way by our army of marshalls... Log onto the Dartford Road Runners website...



  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    its a bit later than when you want , but Bramley 10/20 is 17th Feb.
    10mile (1 lap) run alongside 20mile (2 lap). Usually a lot of marathoners use this one in prep.
    Bramley is close to Reading, so on balance Dartford is probably closer, but even so, less than an hours drive from London (longer by train I'd guess). The route is all on road, but these are minor lanes for the most part thru the countryside.One or two minor hills but nothing too taxing.
    Good luck

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