The Brass Monkey 1/2 Marathon

Does anyone out there know when this run is?
Lasy year it was around January


  • 25th January.

    best get your entry in fairly quickly. it has a limit of 1000 and fills fast.
  • Thanks Paul
    Where can i get an entry form ?

    then click on DOC or PDF to download the Word or Acrobat version of the entry form.
  • thanks Paul
  • This race now has just over 920 entries already and I have to get the entry form removed from the UK results website once it is full, we are on stand by to do this on Monday 20th Oct - We've never had it fill so fast. We could have TV and Press coverage as well, due to the wonderful Jane Tomlinson, Mike Tomlinson and Jane's brother Luke taking part so its a race not to be missed. Just wish it could be open to more runners.
  • Kit Girl
    what are my chances like if i post my application today?
  • You might just get in the 1,000 in now in sight, so it looks like anyone posting after Saturday might miss out. It will all depend on the numbers in the post Thr/Fri and Saturday, I've just had two more people phone me today and ask for application forms via email and they have also got them in the post today. PS - Anyone think I'm selling this race, I'm not, I've no need, I just hope all that missed it last year, get chance this year.
  • Kit Girl
    i have posted mine today
    Please let me know if you get it tomorrow and most importantly if i got in
  • Hi Carl

    Just going to check the list for you and see what's come in today's post. Will get back to you via your email you sent me. But just to let others know the Brass Monkey is as now - FULL. If you would like to know if you are in or not please feel free to email me or use this great forum link.
  • Come on Kit Girl the suspence is killing me
    put me out of my misery
  • This really has filled already?
  • yep Dogg
    it was a similar situation last year
  • Boooo

    I'm NOT running in it next year!

    Same thing happened to me last year, when I wanted to do it.....need to post my entry in Feb. next year I think

  • Step on something Josie?
  • Or is it a Tarzan impression?

    I think it was more Aaaaarrrarararraragghhh
  • It is fustration that yet again I have missed a race I really wanted to do :-(

    I have now registered interest in 3 other races so I don't miss out again.
  • I've misssed out too.

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