Asics GT2170 Trail vs GT2150 Trail

I have the GT2150, one pair of trail shoes, and the other, 'road' ones.  Both have been perfect, as have all my previous asics going back to the GT2110 when I first started using asics, BUT, the Gt2170 trail is just not bedding in for me. It is very tight across toes, I wore them, have tried loosening laces over toes and am still getting 'numb' toes plus have discovered that my feet pads feel 'burny' on the road ( I do a km run out and back on road to one of my trail runs).. never had problems like this before on any asics. Have tried my older shoes and they are all still fine. Is the new Gt2170 a slightly differet fit or should I be more patient in 'softening' up a new material or something?


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