Alternatives to Asics 21xx series

I've worn Asics 2130, 2140, 2150 and 2160.  For some reason the 2160's never felt as comfortable than 2150's, which in turn didn't feel as comfortable as the 2130/2140 models.  It has felt as if the toe section has got narrower and something about the arch support in the 2160's doesn't feel quite so good for me (I have two pairs, both the same).

Before I buy my spring marathon training and racing shoes, I was just wondering if anybody else has suggestions for alternative manufacturers and shoe series?  Since I'm effectively taking a chance with yet another update to 2170's, I may as well take a chance with a different brand entirely.  I might get pleasantly surprised.

I don't spend an absolute fortune on shoes if I can help it, generally 50-65 quid per pair when I can find them cheaper in sales/online.

I would have stuck with Asics 2130 for life if I could have image  the annual updating is a pain (I know it's not just Asics to blame for this).


  • You have a good point! I used to wear Saucony and changed when their updates started including 'more features' and less comfort.  Perhaps I should just try another brand as well but a hard decision to make when the brand has served me so well over the years. After all it's not like one's football team where you mate for life (and they don't even always serve you that well..). 

    Mind you, it would be a bit rude to write off my asics now that I have entered the competition image -  perhaps I should just try another model in the brand.....


  • I think you'll find that everyone who's entered the Asics Target 26.2 competition will have nothing but fine words to say about your current choice of shoe.  image

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I've moved away from the Asics 2000 series after running in them for a couple of years.  I've got a pair of Saucony Mirage that are a good fit and feel good underfoot, so I'm planning to stick with them (maybe even try the Kinvara).

    I have been using Asics DS Trainers as my fast/race shoe alongside the 2000s for a while, and really like them (but they are never my size at reduced price when I'm looking to buy image).




  • Run Wales wrote (see)

    I think you'll find that everyone who's entered the Asics Target 26.2 competition will have nothing but fine words to say about your current choice of shoe.  image

    In that case...let me rephrase the question.

    Which shoe are you currently ditching to move to Asic's 2170's?  image


  • Any chance that those who haven't made it through to Boot Camp might offer an honest opinion now?

  • Tenjiso

    I switched from the Asics 21xx series to Brooks GTS12s, and am very happy with them.

    I also use the Brooks ST5 for racing upto half marathon, and the Brooks T7 racer for 5ks and 10k......
  • Thanks YoungPup, that's exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for.  Was there a particular reason why you switched?

    I had a look at the Adrenaline GTS 12 yesterday after seeing an online review of Asics 2170 vs Asics 2160.  The reviewer was not impressed by the changes Asics have made, having previously raved about the 21XX series every year beforehand.

    Somebody has also mentioned New Balance 940's as a possibility.

    I don't understand why a manufacturer of a highly rated shoe would insist on changing the "formula".  I believe Kayano's have also slipped down the ratings after recent revisions.

  • Tenjiso

    For me the switch over to Brookes was a bit of a gradual thing, in that I first bought the T7 racer as I wanted something super light to race 5k's. This was the first time I'd ever had lightweight shoes, and I loved them, so decided that my Asics 2170s were a bit too clunky for me to race a half-marathon, and then bought the ST5s.

    After doing a few training runs in the ST5, I thought I'd at least explore what the Brooks high mileage higher cushioning version was, and as soon as I did a test run in the GTS12s they felt really comfortable, so I went for it.

    To be fair to the Asics, I had no problems with the 2170s, and I still have a pair that I occasionally use. I also saw some of the reviews on line (particularly one of some American lady in a white lab coat), but the shoes were fine for me....

  • Thanks again Youngpup.

    I saw that video review too.  The lab coat makes it official image

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