Nottingham marthon 2013

Hi guys, Does anybody know if there will be a marathon in nottingham in 2013, given they cancelled this year's event?


  • Rob everything I've heard surgest's it's not going to be a marathon from now on and afraid I can't really argue agaist it given the numbers entered for the whole marathon last few years. image Hope I'm wrong because it's always been a good one to do.

  • Strange. Not thought about it for months, then today I get curious and googling... suddenly find this threads started today too.
    Looks like another mara bites the dust.....image 

  • Thanks cake. Such a shame, i was trying to find an autumn marathon which would allow me to train through the summer months....
  • Rob if your around Nottingham way Leicester might be a good shout. There is abingdon a little bit down the road as well. Both very good and Abingdon is pan flat.

  • Thanks cake! Just decided to enter the stratford upon avon marathon, hope it doesnt get cancelled at the last minute like it did this year!
  • It's back on at the end of September 2013 - route to be announced image

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