Children beginners?

My daughter is 9 and is going to be doing cross country training with her school.

Just wondering if she needs this done or if basic running shoes will be ok?

Any help appreciated!image



  • Gait analysis = sales gimmic.

  • Gait analysis is well worthwhile for most adults.  I don't have experience with children, so I'd just be guessing. For one so young, I'd certainly only consider gait analysis carried out by a medical professional - and probably only if you can clearly see that there's an issue to deal with.

  • I would say no too.. children run naturally.

  • +1 to all the above, how many heel striking kids do you see? Does anyone heel strike as a kid?

  • Most xc shoes will be neutral with minimal cushioning so no point.

    Also again, not someone who agrees with gait analysis.


  • I'm sorry to have to bump this old thread - but as a new poster I genuinely cannot see an option to start a new thread - so apologies in advance. But this is a vaguely related question.

    It's not about me - i'm a bog standard parkrunner who's not very quick. But - I was contacted by my daughters school after they undertook the dreaded / wonderful Beep Test. My 6 year old daughter outran her class, the class above, and well, most of the school including most of the 10 & 11 year olds to make level 10 in the beep test. I've done it, but can't remember it, but googling (not that helpful) seems to emphasise it's an amazing standard for a (just) 6 year old. The school are desperate for me to register her in a running club (Highgate Harriers are closest but not until she's 7 apparently).

    So, just as i'm not very pushy - can anyone advise - is this genuinely as good a result as it sounds? And should I gently be encouraging her to join a running club (and is it possible - 7 is 11 months off?).

    Finally if you can advise how to start a thread - let me know and i'll delete this and post it afresh! Thanks in advance.
  • I have no idea about the beep test, but why not take her along to her local junior parkrun & see if she enjoys that?  If she does, then you'll probably find other parents there who can advise on local options for running clubs, although I wouldn't worry too much about them just yet.  Being a decent runner doesn't hinge on getting into the right club aged 6!  If she's enjoying running around then that's great, plenty of time to get competitive with it later.

  • That's a lovely idea - I didn't think I had a Junior one nearby, but just seen that in fact there is one at Highbury now, so that's possible! I don't think she'd enjoy doing the Hampstead Heath 5k one with me somehow..

    The beep test thing intrigued me though as it seemed a bit off the scale, but the school was making a lot of it!
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