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Hi Everyone

I am new to runners world and would like to ask some advice on what target time i should give myself for the plymouth half marathon on 28th April 2013, i finished my first 10K race last Sunday in a time of 45.38 which i am happy with. I am 44 years old 81 kilo and do cardio and weights 3 times a week, my runs are made up of intervals and distance, any advice would be welcome, i do run and enjoy etc but like setting targets to work toas it motivates me.


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    It all depends how much training you intend to do between now and then. You could be looking at anything beween 1.35 - 2hrs

  • thanks Millsy, understand were i could be, but would like to put down a time and work towards it.




  • Hi Gary

    Well, you've got plenty of time, so why not head to the top end of Millsy's calculations and go for a 1:35 ?  That'd be very respectable time indeed for a first half marathon

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    How much training are you plannng to do? when are you going to start? how many miles a week?

    If you start now and put in 4-5 runs a week with a mix of easy, tempo, long runs etc then you can aim for 1.40 (just a guess)

  • Yes, my guess would be 1.39+ but a good target would be sub 1.40.


    Good luck

  • Will try to up my current mileage to about 25 miles per week made of a long run on a Sunday say 8 to 10 and increasing towards date, do some short and more intense sessions during the week, I have a young family and a busy job so will be hard to commit to more,
  • Gary, My first 10k time earlier this year was 44.52 off about 10 miles per week.  I then did a 12 week programme building up to about 30-35 miles per week and got a HM time of 1.35.50.

  • I think the first time you run a race you tend to have little idea about the pace you can run it, so I would suggest having a target in mind, aim not to go off too fast and see how you feel as you run. There's lots of HMs around, so you will have plenty of chances to do faster times. I would have thought off that 10k time that you're capable of sub-1.35 at some point. Who knows, you might go round at sub-1.30 and surprise yourself and us, but don't beat yourself up if you don't do it. I ran my first HM three years ago in 1.48, and this year I did 1hr30.28 - so fairly rapid improvement is possible. My 10k best is 42.01, so I feel I"m better at HMs than at six-milers. The good thing about HMs, in my opinion, is that they're challenging, but they don't wreck your body and your morale like a full-blown marathon (that's my experience, anyway). Enjoy.

  • The my.asics training plan gives you a time of 1:39  (3 runs per week) but this goes down if you train 4 times a week. Well done on that 10k time!

  • Thanks Peter and Lou, I think I will keep on current loose training plan and review in jan to see we're and am and give myself a target at that point, ideally want to do a sub 1.40 which would be great but challenging as I am relatively new to this.

    Again thanks for views
  • Well I just finished my first Half and posted a time of 1.39 which I am really happy with, to get this time I have had to put a fair few miles in and trained in all weathers over the winter but have to say it was all worth it as the buzz and feel of the day was just great, plymouth half is very well organised with lovely views etc 

    got the bug and next target 1.35 is in my sights, 

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