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I have been offered a gorgeous looking Felt TT bike by my LBS at a end of year discount. Owner is an old friend so I know he won't sell me anything unsuitable and will ensure fit is right etc etc But, why do I need one (I want it just because.....), but with clip on tri bars currently on my roadie, how can I justify it to myself and more importantly OH????


  • because its pretty and it makes you go fast, nothing to do with the rider, all about the bike


  • sorry, Jo upgraded from standard road bike to TT bike and the she recons the difference is amazing

  • 'just because' is a great reason! Mine is about 10% quicker than my road bike. If that's worth the price tag then go for it image if its a decent discount you could prob sell it on in a year or 2 without losing much.

  • This is exactly what I want to hear image)

    My only concern except the obvious cost if that it's pretty hilly round here, but if it makes me faster on normal terrain, then mmmm very tempted
  • And then read the bottom comment on that article. Once the hills get properly steep the aero advantages of a TT bike get negated. If you need to cover the brakes on the descent then you're losing aero efficiency there too.

    That said, I love mine and I'd still get the Felt image
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    you dont need one, I havnt got one, but if you want it then then get it. Simples.

  • Where will you race though ? Don't get it to go faster in your training - tt bikes are best for racing on.
  • They are a very expensive toy - especially when you budget for some decent wheels - probably £400 up if you go for PlanetXs or similar.  If you have the money though why not - you can't take it with you and a properly fitted TT bike with a competent rider will be faster even on technical hilly courses. 

    Like Cougie says though - they are all about getting your race times down - if that isn't important to you then probably not worth bothering.   

  • If you didn't buy the bike would you still spend that money on going faster? If you spent that grand or whatever on a coach and swimming lessons I bet your overall time would reduce by more than that saved by a tri bike over a road bike.

    But I would probably still buy the bike because I am a tart and like the bling! image

    Ps auto correct put swinging instead of swimming! Was tempted to leave it!
  • As cougie said - are you going to race it? Are you happy on aerobars? The entire point of a TT bike is that you are tucked, for

  • Very seasonal Gladys - a mince tart!image

  • Oh, 3/4 of my post has disappeared. It said something along the line of, if you are not happy and confident on aerobars, and fit enough (in your core) to stay there, then its probably technically a waste of cash. However, its also your money, and as long as you can afford to, you should spend it on what you want!


  • I commute on mine. It looks the mutts nuts and turns heads on any high street. And it's quicker and lighter than my road bike.
  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    Very seasonal Gladys - a mince tart!image


  • if you really have to ask on here = you dont need one, you just want oneimage


  • Why not, go for it,I love my tt bike and have never regretted it. She lives in the house over winter, I know I'm sad!!!
  • I want one too. I just do. But aI am at teh point of n+1 meets s-1. And I even sold an old bike recently.

  • I only have 1 bike, my roadie so on those grounds I can justify another bike. OH has 5, I think, at the last count!!!

    I think it may have to be my Christmas present, although I was going to spend the money on a fancy turbo thingie where you can pretend you are in races and stuff like that
  • IMO ,.... you would get more out of a turbo trainer than a TT bike in terms of conversion to race pace
    Turbo will get a lot of use through the winter and a TT bike wouldn't   image

  • Of course the best option then is a TT bike and a turbo. Turbo through the winter on the TT bike to get an improvement in speed and an aero position image

  • Yeah Matt, when I win the lottery !!!!
  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    What`s the deal with TT bikes and long races such IM or HIM.  I can see the obvious advantage over 40km, but over 112miles or even 56miles is it hard/umcomfortable to maintain the position in a TT bike, therefore a road bike is better.

  • Unless they can hold an aero position for a long time most would be better off with a road bike as it has more positions and easier gear changing but I urge everyone to get a the most expensive TT bike they can afford because it makes me feel so much better when I pass them on my piece of shit. image
  • If the TT bike is right size and correctly fitted, why would it be uncomfortable?

  • A TT bike is clearly the worst option - that's why everyone that is any good has one - they want to make it more of a challenge for themselves.   

  • Well what I meant was that if you can't get in the aero position for a good portion of the race you are limiting yourself to one hand position. Which will become uncomfortable after 60miles.
  • I think I'd find one hand position uncomfortable after 60 miles even in a Eurofighter Typhoon. LOL.

    But they look cool as anything.



  • I keep toying with the idea but I always cone back to the same thing, would I use it to its full potential at the minute. I'm fit but only averagely, if I wait another year something better will be out at the same pricepoint and then if be getting more baangs for my buck. I do like the shiv and the new cannondale slice rs and the PX exocet but then I think about 3k spent on kebabs and pizza, and I'm afraid the crap good wins image
  • Dreaming Of Magic wrote (see)

    What`s the deal with TT bikes and long races such IM or HIM.  I can see the obvious advantage over 40km, but over 112miles or even 56miles is it hard/umcomfortable to maintain the position in a TT bike, therefore a road bike is better.

    I wouldn't say that is the case for everyone DoM... I find my TT bike more comfortable than my two road bikes and am much faster.... I did do most of my training including turbo sessions on the TT bike though last year which definitely helped

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