Running up the steps or wet flash and chance get running nose

The weather is terrible. Can I change running around the stadium (pulse-145 bpm) to jogging up the steps (pulse-145 bpm )?


  • No you can't.

    Toughen up sweetheart! Don't be a wimp, man up and get out there and DO IT.

    You will be much more at peace with yourself afterwards.

  • I have no difficult up and get out. I'd just like know: physiological effect of running up the steps is similar common running or no

  • what steps are you running up exactly Alex? Stairs at home? Or some epic set like in Rocky?

  • Stairs at home. I have 12 sets ??f about 250 stairs(up jogging, down walking before pulse reduce to 90 bpm) 30 minutes and my clothing dont have a dry spot))

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