Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon



  • Thanks RocketRon.  I've checked spam, nothing there.  I would like to confirm that the registration has actually gone through (payment was taken) which i don't think I can see on that link.  Is there a simple way to ascertain this?

  • SB email me your name & address and I will let you have details by return  ronmcandrew@hotmail.co.uk

  • Cheers Ron, done image


  • Race Now full @450. All entrants will be emailed with Park & Ride service which is at nearby HMS Inskip (2.5 Miles) Double Deckers & Minis bus service from 08.00am. Follow signs to HMS Inskip from M55 (A6 Northbound to wards Garstang) and approach to Catforth Village. Plenty of space at Catforth for baggage, cafe' (reasonably priced hot & cold food) open all day, plenty of portable toilets on site.


    REMEMBER GNW 1/2 M 24th February filling up fast 1000 + entries in so far, Runner's World pacing team at this event, chip timing for this one.

  • Anyone thinking of dropping out yet? Please send message if so .... would love to run it. thanks.

  • FAO Not CV, more urban; Newsome then Fartown. image

  • Can I be second in line to Lord Didsbury please for anyone thiking of dropping out? Ta. image)

  • Egyptian Toe, are you from Fartown? I am up in Fixby.

  • No but worked at Fartown for a few years, Terry. Enjoyed it. Challenging but rewarding.
  • Hah, yes an 'interesting' school.

  • As at 17th December 32 numbers have come free, cancellations, deferals & transfers to other FCR events. These will be on sale from 08.30 on 6th january at Catforth Village Hall

  • Hi Rocket Ron - if I send you a cheque, would you be able to kindly put one of those numbers on one side for me? It's a long way to travel to find there's no numbers left.

  • LD


    No problem, if you cannot download the entry form from our web site, just send your full details, full name, address, club/no, dob and cheque & we will send you your race number & details. Send by weekend please.




  • Hi Rocket Ron - all sent off today thanks.

    Polish that trophy.....
  • LD, Thank you for your entry. Total entry just short of 500 now.  Advance notices (all will be sent an email with final details) follow directions to Park & Ride at HMS Inskip, 2.5 miles away and at the 4 mile point on the course. Shuttle bus will operate from 08.00 am (when full) and have an approx 20/25 minute turnaround, back up mini bus also on hand. NO parking at the Village Hall and layby oposite, these areas are reserved for Remote Medical Services vehicles, Ambulance, 2 -  4 x 4, doctor, nurse and  two paradmedics on bikes. Also turnaround for shuttle bus. There is a limited car parking area along school lane, before no waiting areas and at the electricity HQ car park. All runners to collect their numbers (apart from a few postal ones) at the Village Hall, you will be given a special event engraved pen to help you write your medical details on the back of your number. At the finish you will receive the event medal (full colour metal inscripted) water and reasonably priced refreshments on sale all day in the Village Hall. Plenty of space for runners baggage (someone always on duty in both areas)

    The start is 3/4 minutes easy jog north the village Hall, well signed, allow plenty of time to get to the start line in Bay Horse Lane.

  • Please allow plenty of time to park  (Park & Ride) at Inskip) shuttles buses between 0815/09.15.   This event is not chip timied, but all further events (excluding two small events of 3000  in 2013 will be chip timed in association with Sports Systems (start & finish matt operation) FCR wish to thank our long established timekeeper Tyler Harrison for his expert hand timing during the past 6 years, he now joins FCR as a traffic management officer.


    Ron (CEO ED-FCR)

  • hi ron any places left..


    thanks steve

  • Bodie


    A few cancellations left for sale on the day

  • hi ron, any way of reserving a place, has  its a long way to travel for them to be gone when i  arrive.  sorry to be a pain...


    kind regards steve

  • Bodie68,


    You will get a run on the day

  • thanks ron see you sunday..

  • hi Ron i cant make it sunday unfortunately, how do i go about a transfer or is it too late,if anybodys interested

  • Hello Ron, 

    I am running on Sunday - really looking forward to it. I did the Inskip half last January. My friend wishes to run also but has not entered - we intend to travel together from West Yorkshire, as long as she will be certain of getting an entry. What time would we need to be at the village hall by (assuming she will be able to enter)? Many thanks. 

  • Not exactly ideal prep.  Few too many beers and mince pies over x-mas and had the Noro virus the last couple of days.  Look to be over the worst of that now so hopefully will be in okish shape for Sunday but can't say that I feel brilliantly prepared.

    Oh well, looks to be a nice mild day anyway so should be fun.

  • Amanda


    Always find an entry or two on the day, no one turned away. Park at Inskip, follow AA signs, shuttle buses run from 08.15am until 09.15 am 10minute ride.

  • Boothy,


    Emailme ronmcandrew@hotmail.co.uk


    and tell me which race in 2013 you wish to transfer to, or defer New year half entry until 2014

  • Brilliant Ron, see you there!

    S Brown - you should have shifted the excess calories at least! Hope you have a good run. Forecast looking better and better! 

  • Hi ron l will have to pull out of tomorrow run as I Hove got the dreaded nova virus l was wondering if you can transfer my number to a other run I would be gratefull if you can
  • Hope it goes well folks. First year I've missed it and the weather looks spot on, at least he in Sheffield it does. See you next year maybe!
  • My wife always says stick to the facts, so I shall try to do just that.

    There to support my son.

    Two water stations, my son felt these were insufficient.  I was informed there were no road closures.  At a briefing in the hall when folk were talking over the organiser(?) they were told to 'shut your gob'.  Then a walk to the start. The longest starter chat I've ever experienced.  Mile 4 Inskip Road, a long stretch.  I pulled over in my car on the non-runners side.  Stayed there for about ten mins, two vehicles drove round me and four cyclists.  The half marathon support car asked me to park somewhere better, I ignored this as drivers could easily drive round my car with ease and not hinder runners. The support van then did a turn round and informed me again to move. I said I was not in breach ofany law.  One obese chap then started to swear and the other informed that a) he would call the police and b) he would disqualify my son from the race because of my stance.

    Other martialls on the course were very friendly and supportive.

    The organisation of the event seemed to be very good.

    At the finish I said to the obsese chap and semi obsese colleague 'thank you for your support'.  This was met by the semi obsese chap swaering at me and the obese chap telling me to get out of his face or he will remove me, I would say I was about two feet from his face, perhaps this is too close for some people but I might be mistaken.

    My son waited for his prize and at the presentation the junior prize had been left out and apologies came forthwith for this.

    Thanks for putting this event on and my son is very pleased with his first 'proper' event.

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