Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon



  • In my opinion the walk to the start and the time before setting off was largely irrelevant. The weather was fine. Contrast that to, say, the London Marathon where you are walking a mile and standing for a good hour.

    I'm pretty sure there were three water stops, but even one at half way would have been completely sufficient. Personally, I didn't have anything to drink since leaving my house at 8:30am. The likelihood of being dehydrated on a half marathon in January are practically zero.

    No idea about the stewards, but I think they were from G4? If so, you were lucky not to have your car flattened. I don't think they are practiced in the fine art of diplomacy!!!
  • Terry - in fairness to your report, they did announce the wrong winner of the v50 class too.

    My impression, as someone who races regularly and is generally hard to please(!), is that it's overall a great event and generally well run. The organisers seem very friendly both before, during and after the race. Reasonable entrance fee. the chances of something going wrong at some point to someone are high, but I'd hope they would investigate the road incident. It doesn't sound like you were in the wrong, although I can understand them wanting to do their best for the safety of the runners taking part.
  • Well I thought that this was a great race. I have no negative thoughts about it at all, it sounds like Terry was unfortunate. The HQ in the village hall was great, brilliant to be able to leave baggage there, and then easily retrieved at the end. "Crowd support" sparse but then I expected that. I achieved a PB and am very happy indeed. Thanks Ron. Also a big thanks for allowing my mate to enter on the day.

  • Thank you. I hve run over 80 marathons and can honestly say they were the most obnoxious chaps I have met, the two chaps, not the rest.  In general terms the event seemed very smooth as a spectator, my son had no complaints aprt from the water...on the map I thought I only located two stations.

    Concering my parked car, I CAN see their point but I think it was a case of them wanting a smooth run for the runners.  When I have run and cars overtake a parked car taking half the road, then if they are careful then get on with it.  I did see one car on another straight going at about 60 mph, no runners were near 'him' but it did look a bit odd with other folk driving slowly.

    I would imagine if there were to be a review of my incident, it will be a case of closing ranks, I don't hold your optimism in this.

    My son got 1.38 which we are all pleased with though I think it will grate him for a while that he is 6 mins behind my pb for the distance.

  • Didn't see where you were from, but I see Amanda you are from Yorkshire, well done my son had a Halifax Harriers top on.

  • Terry, they did announce at the start that there was a change to the stewarding of the race and G4S were doing it. On that basis, you'd assume Ron etc would be annoyed at least with any behaviour which is out of place in a local running event.

    There was deffo a water station late on, and one midway (cos I remember a bloke next to me took a bottle and offered me some). I must admit I can't positively recall one earlier than that.... I just have a vague recollection there was.

    Plus there were two goats (female) at the 10 mile point, each offering a nice set of udders.
  • The goats must be a lancashire things, well if it helps!

  • From a personal perspective, the race was a bit of a disaster for me.  I am capable of and should have run under 1.30.  All my training said so.  After mile 5 of being really comfortable and ahead of pace, it hit me like a wall (whatever "it" was) and I never recovered.  I thought I had recovered suffiently from Norovirus but had  abad day yesterday and thought I might have to pull out.  Woke up ok, did the race but just felt terrible and cold from mile 5 on.  Bouts of stitch saw me stop 4 times (I was the receeding chap with the flourescent yellow top wincing at the side of the road between 1.30-.140 pace) and I eventually limped across the line in 1.37.  At least I can be certain that me second HM will be a PB :-/

    I have raced other events (5 and 10ks) and I have to say, I thought the organisation was spot on.  For £14, I don't know how you can moan.  Park and ride worked well, the hall was a great facility to have and there was plenty of encouragement all round.  Maybe one or two additional portaloos would have been handy but I waited no more than 5 mins so even that was no big deal. 

    All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back next year - hopefully better prepared.

  • keighley and craven, Terry. Well done to your son!

  • 2 water stations from what I saw, 5 and 10 miles roughly from memory.

  • Interesting reading. I think watervstations are an issue for runners furthervdown the field as they are running longer and more water dependent; with a bit of experience you realise that hydration the day before oughtbto suffice, especially in winter.

    Well done to your son Terry. He was a little ahead of what I ran last year.

    This race is good value IMHO.
  • I agree ET but I really think that 2 water stations (as advertised) is reasonable (or more than). If you need more than that then I would say it is reasoanble to expect you to carry it.

    Terry - for what it is worth I thought the marshalls though efficient where the most miserable I have ever come across. Also, I don't often see presentations but was eating a bacon butty so witnessed this one. Thought it was a right shower of shit. Balls up on M50 prize, missed your lads and F60 missed also. If you are going to do presentation then have all of them listed, not rocket science.

  • Terry. I am afraid any argument or criticism you have is lost when you call people obese. Especially when one of the people concerned is my son, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and consequently has difficulties with weight control.

    Incidently, there was no advertised junior prize yesterday, and it was my son who arranged a late minute prize for him.

  • Maxpower - On the prize giving - contrast this with the Leyland 10K where there was no presentation, no results posted till midnight, and whilst not really bothered I've still not received my prize.

    Yesterday, The village hall was great, it was done in a timely manner, results pinned to the door, quirky but decent prizes, bacon butties close by, happy birthday sung to a young volunteer....

    Having three times been sent the wrong way on races, I welcomed the highly visible, burly, yellow coated lot yesterday. Didn't notice whether they were miserable or not and didn't really care.  They were there at the right places.

  • Take the point that you have been to worse presentations but not sure the one you describe sets the benchmark! If you are going to do it then just get organised. Longridge 7 set in a similar hall at least managed to run through the list without appearing so disorganised.

    I have done this race every year so obviously think it is pretty good.


  • Fair point. Whilst I would describe the presentation as charming, I suppose it is an opportunity to display how efficient the organisation is. If it runs like clockwork, people will come away thinking the whole event was well staged.

    Ever done the Wilmslow Half? However good the start is, however nice and flat and well marshalled the course is, the annual chaos at the finish makes me feel they don't actually give a shit. Consequentally I've started doing the Coniston 14 instead.

  • Did the wilmslow half a few times but it was a few years ago. Not really my cup of tea and I much prefer a smaller race like this one. Next up for me is Inskip Half so more of the same image

  • RocketRon, obese is not a term of insult, it is a descriptive term. There are various reasons for obesity, if I am mistaken I stand correctd. To rebuff all comments by me because of my perceived error or insult is highly illogical. Anyone who puts up prizes is to be commended and this I give.  Having looked at the info there appeared to be no list of prospective prizes, again that might be my error. A final note, as you say one of the people I identified was your son (one of the two in the car I assume) then as a marshall it is unacceptable for him to use 'foul and offensive language' ...for whatever reason, in nearly a hundred events I have NEVER   heard such language.  It is sad that others have commented on the poor demeanour of some of the marshalls.  Apart from the two characters I have mentioned, they were on the whole 'supportive' but I wouldn't say smily smily folk.  Work needed on customer/public relations.

  • I don't know if Rocket Ron is the chap who shouted to the collection of runners in the hall 'shut your gob' but if he is then this is another example of the inappropriate language experinced by some at this pretty well run event (a comment alluded to by a runner in the event feedback).

  • I'll admit, I was slightly taken aback at first by the "shut your Gobs" comment but it was clearly intended to be be tongue-in-cheek and jocular in nature.

  • I can't find the results online for this yet - am I missing them?

  • Just found them - ignore that!!

  • Was the referee Brian?

    I've done a fair few of these events in the area and they can seem a bit cliquey (it seems that it is assumed that everyone knows the drill) but I like them.
  • Suprised to hear some of the comments, all i can say is that we really enjoyed this event and i feel the race organisers were superb. They are the most accomodating that i have ever come across deferring entries when people are ill/unable to run. The race is good value for money and has a decent pb potential. I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

  • Jac k 4, I would certainly NOT dismiss the event, I merely refer to some of my personal experiences. Should others run next year, of course.

  • Terry


    The "shut your gob" coment was by the race referee, not RR in the Village hall when he was explaining the situation on the wearing of iPods

  • Thanks for the clarification, who was the race referee?

  • Race referee was Brain Porter, not to be confused with Brian Potter aka Ironside

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