I have entered my first 10K and I have 10weeks to train for it. At the moment I can run a 5K in about 26minutes. I have started running 3 times a week. Each run has been 5K long. As the weeks progress I am hoping to extend the distance. I am also playing football for 3hours during the week. Is this enough to get me ready to complete a 10k run? Am I doing too much? Any recommendations greatly appreciated.




  • No you are not doing too much.

    If you can get one of your runs up to and beyond 10k then that is good, it will help with the endurance aspect.

    If you keep your other 2 runs slow as well this will help,  guessing that your football is all short sprint work, therefore if you keep your running slow you will give yourself the best chance of recovery. Steady slow running at this time is what I'd recommend.

    Don't try to do too much, this is what will lead to injury. Because you are fit you can already run a reasonable distance. However your legs aren't used to it so build up the distance slowly. There's a rule of thumb that says 10% aincrease a week which is good to stick by.

  • Thanks very much for your advice. Much appreciated.

  • Hi McCS,

    I would agree with T. Mouse, you are not doing too much.  For your first 10k you should take it easy with the training and build up your mileage steadily.  The general rule is not to increase by over 10% per week.  In addition to Viral's link, I would recommend the runners world smartcoach - http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/racing/runners-world-smartcoach/3057.html  If you enter your 5k time and then state you are training for a 10k it will provide a programme for you to follow.  

    Best of luck!

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