Cattle Grids

What's the best way to circumnavigate a cattle grid? I come across several in runs through local parks which double us as grazing land. Several options come to mind:

1. Slow down, take a couple of strides across the grid and off (my current option)

2. Don't slow down and risk breaking neck by catching foot in grid.

3. Stop and cross delicately (option preferred by a runner who hared past my elephant pace, only to have me catch him up as he crossed the next cattle grid.)

4. Don't bother with the grid, open the gate and run round.

5. Take up high hurdles and learn how to vault over the fence.

On a (slightly) related note, how does one run past cows? I know a cow isn't going to hurt me but they're (generally) much bigger than I am and they tend to glare at me as if to say that my running is adversely affecting their grass eating.

Enough bovine antics ...

Cheers, WiseOwl


  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    No. 3 works for me. Or carry your own piece of hardboard to put down at each one so you can run across.....
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Option 3 is best. Or my friend's dog taugt me a further way to cross ... cattle grids always have a continuous band of metal down the side (and sometimes down the middle). so you can tiptoe across on that.

    I'm terrified of cows, despite being brought up in deepest rural Kent. But I have found out that heffers run away if you yell at them. Bullocks are psychotic and I won't go near them.

    Today had a new running challenge though - wild ponies! I'd parked the car on some moorland for an out and back run - ponies ignored me but as soon as I was out of shouting distance wanderd up to my car and started nibbling the trim! They'll be on a BBQ if I get my hands on them :)
  • Yeah i agree with that, i think i could out run a cow but a testosterone fuelled bullock is another matter, i think diving over a hedge would be the best option!!

    My personal option is 1, maybe a bit more dangerous but i like to live on the edge a little :-)
  • Option 1 or, if its wet, cautiously at the edge.

    Tim is absolutely right about the cow and calf, also, don't corner cattle against a hedge, or split the herd. I have run regularly through a field of very curious bullocks this summer. They have a disturbing tendency to run after you! I have found that turning, waving arms and shouting "bugger off, beasts!" does the trick.

    In my opinion, horses are worse - they seem to be less predictable. If in doubt walk, we can't out run anything faster than a hedgehog if they make a real effort.

    For novelty amongst agricultural beasts, for the past year a Rea (3/4 size, brown, south american ostrich thingy) has lived in a field on one of my favourite routes. Talk about speedy!
  • As a vet (job, not over 40!), I sort of feel qualified to post on this thread!
    Yes, avoid cows with calves. Especially beef breeds; ie ones that are not black and white!My father in law is a beef farmer, and no way would I run through a field with his cows and calves in!
    Beef bulls are generally pretty docile if with cows, Dairy bulls shouldn't be on public footpaths as they are usually downright dangerous.
    Bullocks (ie; no balls) are usually just curious and want to play. They will chase you but will run off if you turn round and shout.
    Horses usually aren't agressive but may nip or kick; avoid close ups with both ends!
  • Not bothered by cows or horses. Scared of moths though.
  • The martians should have read this thread before trying to invade earth and chase that Mini.
  • Hello there running friends....I am a farmer with coos of my own.....just ignore them, they will eventually lose interest.
    Cattle grids should be walked over doubt about it!!
    I WAS in full tilt hard training for the washington marathon but have developed a hip pain....have not ran for 4 days...looks like 3 hours is a goner.
  • I have just been following a public footpath near to Bala (wales) and came closer to a cow with testicles and horns than I ever had.Recklessly I did a bit of speedwork with out doing any of my usual warm ups and stretches
  • Very wise Francis. As a country gal, but not a farmers daughter, I am wary of all things bigger than me. And spiders. I got leaned on by an over friendly cow once, which concerned me a bit. And I'm convinced that horses are just waiting for the nod and then will take over the world.
  • Ran with a mate yesterday on problems, walked back along part of the route to the pub with our families and got bitten by a horse.
  • When out running with work, our time-honoured solution is for the front of the line to shout "CATTLE GRID!!" to let others know it's there; and then to take your Option 1, slowing down, not walking exactly but beingh very careful where their feet go! Then accelerating again once over the grid. This means the whole lot of us (usually about 30 people) can get over fairly easily; we've never had an accident yet.
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