Moving from Newton distance neutral racer

I have been running with the Newton neutral racers for 2 or 3 years and like the fact that they are light weight and they have the mid foot lugs which force me to run mid to front foot. It took me 8 or 9 weeks to transition fully to these shoes. I tend to run half marathons.

I want to run a PB half marathon in March and then transition to running a full marathon later in the year and if possible want to not change the type and style of shoe that I have so am thinking of changing shoes now so that I can adjust?

However these shoes have become expensive and hard to get hold of - can anyone recommend a shoe suitable for what I am aiming for - many thanks



  • The Newton Distance has a soft(ish) sole, why not opt for the Newton Gravity which is more hard wearing. Either shoe is suitable for Marathon or longer distance

  • Newtons are available on line from Newton themselves plus quite a few other retailers such as b2p, Apex etc.

  • I run in the Newton distance racer and have recently started running in inov8 f-lites, there is less cushioning and a much harder underfoot feeling but I am liking them so far! You could also look at the brooks pure range which are much softer underfoot than the inov8's
  • Many thanks I will take a look
  • They have classic and limited edition gravity on 25% off RRP on the newton website, and 35% off RRP on the B2P Sports website. I have raced in the Distance U up to half marathon.

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