Dry January


  • It would help if you said what this thread is actually about in your post.

    "Feel better. Save money. Make a difference. Your chance to ditch the hangover, reduce the waistline, and save the pennies.

    Your mission: to avoid that cheeky after work pint, that glass of wine on the sofa, or that big boozy night out, for the whole month.

    Make a real difference to the lives of those harmed through alcohol misuse by getting family and friends to sponsor you and raise money for Alcohol Concern."


    31 days without alcohol, wow, the sheer will power that will be required to do that, next they'll be asking us to raise money by running a marathon!

  • And why January? Why not December? Or now?

  • Because it's a website and there's loads of media rubbish about it. I don't have a problem (they all say that). Thought it was the kind of thing people talked about on these forum things.
  • I never drink enough to get hangovers, and why do charities think that everything has to be sponsored ?

    ??5 every time I have sex for a month ? ??2 every time I have a pint ?
  • I think this all came up after the report that post Xmas one should stop drinking for jan to allow the liver to repair itself.

    It's not just about the liver. I had to kick someone out of work for drink problems on Fri. Some damage caused by alcohol is irreversible.

    I think the health benefits for those who drink too much and struggle to not have that mid week glass/bottle are worthy of raising.

    Mine's a cider.
  • Hope you sacked them on the spot
  • that assumes that everyone drinks to excess in December.........

  • Actually I thought the idea of a detox January was now discredited and the theory was we should all have 3 days alcohol free each week?
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