hello....I am new to the forum....I am a very fit 32 year old who has been running for years but cycling only recently....I would very much like to test the water with a basic duatholon somewhere relatively near to me (ie sheffield) but am willing to travel to a certain degree....Could anyone give me any advice?....Many thanks


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    What sort of advice are you after?
  • Hi...I would like to know abut upcoming events in the near future in my area or relatively near area.........Or failing that I would like to know where I could find out when there is a duatholon taking place..........Thanks Millsy

  • Have a look on entrycentral - you can search by event type, postcode and distance.

  • two things

    1. it's spelt duathlon. and a biathlon involves skiing and shooting so I doubt that's what you were interested in, although I could be wrong I guess!  or maybe you mean biathle - which is run/swim/run.  which is different to an aquathlon which is swim/run. etc etc......

    2. the best place to look is in the events section of either the British Triathlon website - http://www.britishtriathlon.org/take-part/events/find-an-event or on Tri247 - http://www.tri247.com/go/events_guide.html.   The BTF is the governing body for duathlons in the UK as they are run under the same rules bar the swim section of course.  

    and if you have any questions on training/racing etc, just pop over to the triathlon section of the forum and ask away.  we don't bite.  much.  image

  • I thought a Biathlon meant it was ok for men or women

  • ok thanks for the advice

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