Copenhagen Marathon

I know its a bit early but..... here goes!
14 May 2004 Danish royal wedding.
16 May 2004 Copenhagen Marathon.
The city will be thronged with visitors, festooned with flowers, bedecked with flags. The atmosphere will be amazing!
Anyone else tempted?


  • maybe, possibly,could do!

    will someone please drag me away!
  • To make it even more exciting:
    It's a Jubilee Year,- The 25th Copenhagen Marathon!!

    Have a look at the website:

    It will be The Fairytale Wedding of the Century. A great event!!

    HRH Crownprince Frederik, who has recently been engaged to the very lovely Tasmanian girl, Mary Donaldson, is a marathon runner himself.

    Have a look at his website for their pictures and a very impressive curriculum:

  • Thanks for that CR. Lovely pics. Impressive CVs indeed! I love royal weddings. Any excuse for a new hat!
    Are you hoping to be there?
  • I havent got a marathon planned for may
  • LL

    I would love to make it my second marathon! I am trying to convince my better half to do it for the third time....

    I have just ordered the information pack.

    It sounds fantastic! Nike sponsored marathon, ChampionChip timingsystem, pacerunners and bands playing along the special jubileeroute...

    It only costs about £40 to enter the race, and it should be possible to get a fairly cheap flight ticket with Maersk Air from Gatwick or with Easyjet from Standstd. to Malmoe in Sweden.

    From there you can travel by train over the new Oeresundbridge directly to Copenhagen.

    The marathon starts and ends by "The Black Diamond", the new Royal Library building.

    It is lovely in Copehagen at that time of the year, so many things to see and do...

    Peppermint Hippo, What else can I say to convince you??

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . tempted . . could be a birthday present to myself . . a trip around W W Copenhagen . .

    I've asked for more info . .

  • If rich is going im not.......on the other hand if Benz is going I want to go

    What a quandary!
  • Plum,How can we persuade Hippo?Any ideas?
  • Copenhagen was my first marathon! Without hardly any training I did a sub 4hr, everything went well. Beautiful city, great for pre and post marathon celebration. The marathon expo is okay. In general it is a bit more low key event, they really don't want to attract elite marathon runners. The first part of the route is nice and leads a bit out of town and comes then back again. Then you run through quite a traffice busy area. However, then you pass a nice park and the final stretch is a long the water. Enjoyed the finish and the atmosphere. All runners knackered on the road. Check out the round tower or drive down to the Lousiana.
  • Sub 4hr for URR without training? Is the couse that forgiving? If so, I'm seriously tempted!!
  • They say it's a new course next year incorporating all the best things from previous years. The city itself is pretty flat so good for pbs I should think.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    URR How would you define hardly any training?
  • Flat course but lots of turns, last year it was getting a bit hot. Only did Berlin half marathon for preparation as I was injured most of the time. I wanted to pace a friend of mine and I said I try 25km but I felt okay and finished 30mins ahead of him :) sorry!
  • Pammie - No long runs, after Berlin half marathon it took me possibly two weeks to recover, could hardly move for many days and had ITB problems. Early days of running when you do stupid things :) Were running in the wrong shoes (ASICS!!!) as well.
  • LL,

    I have just sent my entry form! Have you sent yours yet?

    Have also entered Flora, but am not likely to get in... I think Paris is too early (March, I believe)

    Copenhagen is ideal. We can start our training in February, when the weather gets better again ;-))


    Great birthday present! Remember to include a visit to Strøget, Kongens Nytorv, Nyhavn and The Tivoli Gardens...

  • Not yet but I will. I'm worrying about whether I can do FLM(I have applied) AND Copenhagen or whether they are too close together. Hippo says its possible if I'm not worried about times. Ideally, would like to do Copenhagen in 2004 and FLM 2005.

    Will post Copenhagen entry tomorrow. Promise. LOL
  • LL

    Great! You don't have to decide now. You can wait to pay for the entry in Copenhagen at the Expo....
  • CR, I have done it! Entered online. Details on the website at

    They sent back an email acknowledgement almost straight away. No ballot, no charity places. Wonderful!
  • Oh no,I sent my entry by snailmail! You'll get a much better number than me!!

    Am looking forward to Dublin,- only 1 week to go now. Weather not too good thou. 4 degrees, rain and strong wind!

    Just a couple of months rest and recovery(!)and I'll hopefully be ready to start training again. Springtime, lovely weather, bambis in RP. Fantastic!
  • I'm looking forward to it! Would like to do a sub 2hr half first then on to marathon training.
    Good luck for Dublin. Are you tapering?
  • Good luck for Dublin..I did this last year (actually I should write good luck for Phoenix'll no what I mean).

    Mmm, tempted on this one. Have applied for FLM but small chance...cant decide between Paris in April (did that this year and was great), Prague, Hong Kong (my fav place at the moment) or this one. Copenhagen is a great palce - went there a few years ago for work...its also a good place to take the family as well especially if there is a royal wedding. Interesting.
  • Thanks for being interested Ian. CR and I were starting to feel a bit lonely. Yes, Copenhagen is a great place to take the family. Tivoli Garden is the best place in the world (if you like fun fairs). That tower where you do a freefall drop of over 200 ft. Lord Lucan thought I was mad! Plenty for the little ones as well.
  • Thanks LL,

    If tapering means lots of eating, rest, and not much running, then yes!

    OK, I am with you on the sub 2 hour half. You must have a schedule by now??

    Yes, Copenhagen and Denmark is very family oriented!

    It's very easy to get on the busses and trains with push-chairs, lots of cycling paths, plenty of activities for children e.g. at the National Museum, the Viking Museum (in Roskilde), Louisiana (Modern Art), The State Museum of Art, you name it...

    Also there is a great ZOO and some great parks: Frederiksberg Have, Fælledparken, Rosenborg Have...

    The only complaint I have heard is about childrens meals. They are usually more expensive than over here. But it is usually very good quality food for the kids, which makes it more expensive...

    Pls. tell me about Phoenix Park. Very big, I expect. Undulating as well?
  • I wouldn't exactly call it a schedule CR! I know I need to get more structured but...
  • just thought I join you and let you know I have just sent off for my registration card

  • LL,.....mmm..I remember that tower, no way you'd get me on there..!!
    CR, phoenix park is at 17 miles as I remember...basically you have to start climbing a mile long hill, in the wilderness, tired, with no or little support, in the rain as likley....but once you turn the corner at the top and come on down...the sun shines, you see people and suddenly life isnt so bad. Having said that others found it a was my first marathon and hadnt quite grasped the wall avoidance at that point so that didnt exactly help!!
  • Ian, If the forumites meet up in Copenhagen I was thinking the queue for the Golden Tower might be just the place. You can see all the way to Sweden from the top - just a shame you only have a few seconds to admire the view!
  • Ian,

    Thanks a lot, better to be prepared! Just had a look at the racemap. It seems like we are running anticlockwise this time. We start off with Phoenix Park at mile 4-8. Wilderness, sounds spooky!

    Wall avoidance!? I'm a marathon virgin, please tell me more!

    Same here, no way I'm getting on The Golden Nightmare. Last time I went on a rollercoaster (1972), I promised our Good Lord, that I'd be a good girl, if he got me down from there, alive!

  • CR, Ian . .

    CR's right, the course is apparently the opposite to last year and so we're running down through Phoenix Park which far from being a wilderness is a beautiful green thumbprint on the grey map of Dublin . .

    Hmmmmmm . . must have read that somewhere . .

    So stop teasing Ian!! ;-) CR, there are no walls, only stepping stones (guess I must have read that somewhere too - not normally creative unless I'm being paid!).

    Had the diary out today and it looks like I could be free from domestic responsibilities the weekend of this marathon. It's the weekend after a particularly significant birthday . . if I were as impulsive as you guys I'd sign up now but . . hmmmm . . .

    Is this Royal Wedding going to push up the cost of accomodation do you think?

    You see I have a choice . . there's the Vienna Marathon and the Gothenburg Marathon on the same day . . and I've always wanted to go to Vienna . .

    But then I've always regretted spending a week in Malmö and not taking the ferry to Copenhagen . .

    So I'll keep popping my head around this particular Forum door, and see if I can be persuaded!! No need to make my mind up yet, only when the flights go on sale.

    Nite all . .

  • Richk,

    Vienna and Gotenburg can wait!

    It's gonna be The Fairytale Wedding of the Century and a Jubilee Year for the Copenhagen Marathon!

    Will it be a round number for your birthday?If yes, it would be a triple celebration!

    Now just sign up, decide later. No need to pay now!

    Cost of accomodation going up?
    Very likely. Especially, if you are planning to stay at the 5 star Hotel D'Angleterre!;-)(Might be reserved for the royal weddingguests already though....)

    Seriously, Copenhagen hotels are quite expensive, not London prices, but still...
    I will look into what Sporttours has to offer.

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