Copenhagen Marathon



  • Mr. Silly,

    Good to hear from you again.
    Your picture turned out to be the only one of LR and I in Dublin. Thanks a lot!!

    Rich did a fantastic job, just don't tell him!

    LR is not on the forum... Better things to do, he claims! Let me know, if you want his e-mail...

    Good news about your injury! It must be quite frustrating, but you gotta look at the bright side!

    You ran Dublin in a great time, and the injury didn't come until after :0)

    Just received email from my former boss, who entered WW CPH last year.

    He had to pull out 3 days before the marathon, because of an injury! What an anticlimax!

    I wish you a very speeeeeeedy recovery!

    P.s. Would you consider running CPH?
  • LL & Seaweed

    Quiet please, it is not time for cake, yet!
    You'll have to wait until Birthday Bash...
  • Thank God, no invasion from evil force. Only evil virus!
  • CR I think Seaweed was thinking of Amsterdam style cake which causes you to talk nonsense and giggle uncontrollably. Of course, we do that anyway so Seaweed cake not necessary on this thread!

  • Absolutely LadyL . . who needs cakes!!! <<giggles uncontrollably>> apart from Marie Antoinette, she gave 'em away <<more giggling>> and King Alfred (wasn't he hiding from the Danes), he burnt 'em, <<still more giggling>> and the Royal Wedding, bet they have a big 'un . .

    Nope, we don't need cake to have a good time in WW CPH . . ROFL

  • too much confusion - let me see if I've got this right. We're not running CPH anymore but going to Amsterdam because the seaweed cake is better. Lady C was not Mellor's boss but the other way round. CR has caught a nasty virus and her boss had an anticlimax by pulling out at the last minute!

    We need someone sensible to sort it out - Mr Silly, are you busy....?

  • R O F L

  • .. and RichK is obsessed with a dyslexic Australian entertainer/artist!

  • And only another six months to go!
    BTW, what does R O F L mean?
  • Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaa haaaaa haaa!
  • Oh dear, have you been baking again CR?
  • ROFL - rolling on floor laughing.

    <Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaa haaaaa haaa!> is that Danish?
  • And while I'm here, what is all this zen nonsense about enjoying the scenery, smelling the flowers, listening to little birdies sing?
  • THanks LL i 'm glad you cleared that up for me.Why do you want to run London so badly?
    Anyway i thought it was pastries we were after not cake , and seaweed cake ugggg.
  • Seaweed,Its not so much that I want to run London, its that I want to be GFA!
  • Its a sort of sad, mid-life crisis kind of thing.
  • still some way to go before mid-life methinks LL but what time do you need for a GFA place?
  • I think its 3:45 OB.
  • LL then race Blackpool, great flat course or Edinburgh,i'm thinking of doing it this year as it would sit nicely after copenhagen.What sort of times have you done ?
  • None!
    Stop R O F L!
  • OK
    I've done one half marathon in 2:05:22.

    Please, you can get up now.
  • LL - my half pb is 1:58 set earlier this year but my marathon pb is 4:54. I'm just a cr*p marathon runner!
  • I'm not laughing 2.05 is a great time.
  • No your not O.B.
  • thanks coach!

    LL - am I right in thinking that both you and CR only started running this year? If that's so, then Seaweed's right, 2:05 is a great time.
  • You are right OB, thank you. CR and I started running in March this year.Neither of us ever thought that we would be runners. Hopefully we still have some improvement in us although whether I will ever be GFA is a bit doubtful. I have entered another half marathon on 14 Dec and it will be interesting to see whether I have got any faster since Sept.
    Thank you both for your encouraging remarks.
  • good luck with that one, which one is it?
  • Bedford (Barford Harriers). I really wanted to race again before the end of the year and beat 2hrs. Not totally confident I can do it! Will be depending on you all to send me strong positive vibes that day.
  • no problem - vibe vibe!
  • Save them for 14 Dec please, OB. I'll remind you nearer the time.
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