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  • Hmm . . got something in the post from them today . . hadn't realised you could register now and pay later . .

    . . I'll log onto the site this evening and register then . .

    yes CR . . birthday is a round number, I'll be twice as old as the race . . not thrilled about it but can't turn the clock back!! Far more important than a wedding though!!

    . . and if I get my programme right, and my body holds out, I may be able to make this a round-ish number of marathons too . . but not as great as my age!!

    Will have to start checking out accomodation, and find out when Easy Jet's summer flights go on sale . . Stanstead would be convenient for me . .

    Back to wuk . .
  • Richk,

    Runners, who might be interested:

    Ian Wood,

    anyone else?

    Richk, how about bringing some of your frinds to celebrate round number?

    LL, how about Lord Lucan and little Lucans, will they be spectators?

  • That's it - I've registered!!


    Couldn't have put it better myself CR!!

    Start looking at travel and where to stay now.

    I've got a friend from Malmö, could have stayed there, only now they live in Barcelona . . not very convenient eh?

    Don't worry CR, I've started telling people about it already.
  • Not sure about Lord Lucan and all the little Lucans. Little Lucan no.2 may not be allowed time off school due to totally essential national testing of 6yr olds!
  • Fantastic, Richk.

    That's actually a very good idea, to check out hotels/accommodation i Malmø, if prices go up in Copenhagen!

    Oh yes the SATS! School told us not to take time off in May this year... Hope it won't interfere with your plans?

    BTW just got glossy magazines from DK re. royal wedding. All very exciting. Lovely pics.

    Article said that Crownprince Frederik ran his first marathon Wonderful Copenhagen in 3.22.50. Am impressed. Poor bodyguards!
    I don't expect HRH to be running this year though! Off to honeymoon....
  • Rich...mmm...not sure about stepping stones, but then I think you finshed Dubbers about an hour ahead of me last year ;-(
    Think I have convinced Mrs W and in-laws on this one...M-I-L already getting excited about Royal Wedding. We did a family (Me, Mrs W, W Juniors and in-laws)weekend away in Berlin for the Marathon a few weeks ago and it worked well (i.e. children go off with mum and grandparents who spoil them rotten leaving me to do nothing and stuff my face full of pasta then are placed in strategic places on the Sunday to feed me goodies). Copenhagen would be a good place to repeat this again I think.
    I'm actually hoping to do he Hong Kong marathon in Feb as well but still building the case for that one on the domestic front.

    Is copenhagen mara likley to get full up soon, what normally happens with this one?
  • Ryanair will be cheaper than easyjet and they fly to copenhagen dont they?
  • CR will know. Are you there CR?
  • Ian,

    Ryanair only flies to Aarhus and Esbjerg in Denmark, but also to Malmø in Sweden.

    I think it is quite easy to take the train(Danish Railways, DSB) from Sweden via the Øresundbridge to CPH.

    Easyjet flies directly from Stanstd. to CPH.

    Maersk Air flies from Gatwick to CPH.

    SAS flies from LHR to CPH.

    BA flies from LHR to CPH

    Hope that will be helpful!
  • Ian,

    If you want to be on the safe side,- register now, pay later at Expo!
  • Ian,

    If Mrs. and In-laws are excited about Royal Wedding ask them to visit:

    for full history on Danish Monarchy. Lovely pics.
  • CR You are a marvel. Do you work for the Danish Tourist Board?

  • CR, you are indeed a marvel . . thanks for doing the work . .

    Mind if I advertise? Have a look at some Forumites having fun at theAbingdon 2003 marathon last weekend . .

  • richk You are also a marvel.Lovely photos. I can't even work out how to get my picture on the forum.

  • Thanks LL . . . Marvellous Marvellous Copenhagen doesn't quite work though does it!!

    Which bit of getting a pic up is causing problems? Getting the right size or uploading it?

  • I think it's me not being computer literate that's the problem. I tried following the RW instructions. We do have some pictures that we took with the digital camera and I know how to cut & paste the file name but it said my pixies were the wrong size so I gave up. This is just toooooo embarrassing.

  • Nothing embarrassing about it at all . . it's only dead easy when you know how . . until then it's a mystery!!

  • Richk,

    I love your polarbear in top!

    Pls. tell kiddies not to expect polarbears wandering the streets of Copenhagen! I'd hate to disappoint them!

    Very inspiring to read about the Abingdon race. I feel heavy expectations on my shoulders.... Will see what I can do about accommodation...

    When you have succeded in getting your picture on Forum, pls. educate me!

    I'm even worse with PC. Can't even get Forum to show my details every time. Have to fill them in every time I logg on...Have no wish to be hidden member.

    Maybe we should team up with Richk for inspiring WW Copenhagen website? Or take PC course at kiddies school!

  • Excellent stuff. I'm off to sunny cyprus for a week so wont be posting but will be back soon!!
  • PS If Rich is on this forum I'll expect it to be upto 500 on my return (Rich, thats not a challenge ;-))
  • Ian,

    Enjoy Cyprus and send us some warm and sunny thoughts in Dublin. I think it will be VERY, VERY cold! Need to check weatherforecast!

  • Ian, enjoy your holiday . . thanks for the challenge . . got to decline I'm afraid as I'm off to sunny (it says here) Dublin for a jaunt around town. Can't keep away from the place . .

    So CR and LL will have to take up the challenge!!

    Glad you like the pics from Abingdon, it was great fun. There'll be loads to see from Dublin, so I'll be busy busy busy next week!!

    As I said to LL, it's easy when you know how . . trust me . . 3 years ago my then 11 year old daughter had to show me how to use Powerpoint, but now I'm ahead of the game and she's the one who's impressed.

    And of course I'll be taking pics at W W Copenhagen . . but don't worry, I always try to make sure that the people in them get a chance to see them first . . just in case anybody has any issues about their image. Altho' with the numbers involved in Dublin that's not going to be easy, maybe I'll get people to sign their image rights away on the back of a beer mat!!

    Better get packing I guess!! I'll sneak a peek in here before I go . .
  • Can't resist, can you Richk?

    Well, hopefully I will meet you at Expo or Brekkie Run. Loads to discuss!

    LL you'll have to guard the thread until Tuesday....

    Fleece, mittens, hat, socks, scarf, warm underwear,.....packing, packing..Oh almost forgot binliner!

  • Too right, CR, can't resist!!

    Erm, pots, kettles, black? You keep popping in too I notice :-)

    I'll be at the Expo around 2, meeting up with Sarcy there, and as you know I'll be spending some time at the Connemarathon stand (number 11) . .

    How will I recognise the two R's?

    There is a lot to discuss, I'll be buying a Copenhagen guide book this afternoon for reading whilst away . . love guide books . . bought 'em all before I went to Lisbon last year . .

    E-mail me if you'd like my mobile number to make sure we do meet up for a W W Copenhagen summit (it's okay, several of us did this last year - I can give references if you give me enough time to raise the cash!!)

    Back later . .

  • Will do my best to guard thread. But don't forget while you are all off enjoying yourselves in exotic locations, I have to go to Grimsby!
    Will be thinking of you on Monday. Hope the weather stays fine.LOL
  • Pots and kettels? Sorry, I don't get it?

    Will try and wear Dannebrog flag on shirt at EXPO, Brekkie run and Marathon.
  • Its an old English expression. "The pot calling the kettle black". It means to accuse someone of doing something when you do the same thing yourself!
    When are you off to Dublin?

  • Thanks for explaining LL!!

    Just about to have some more pasta, then driving to Bath this afternoon before flying from Bristol tomorrow morning at 8.15 . . YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    Grimsby? You know how to have a good time LL!!!

    Will loook out for Dannebrog CR . . just remembered that you've seen pics of me so please come up an introduce yourselves if you see me at the Expo.

    I've packed 12 t's and a sweatshirt to swap at the Brekkie run!!

    And a few things for me too . . anyway, smells as if something's nearly ready to eat . . see you soon . . virtually or otherwise!!

  • LL
    Am grateful for translation! Hopefully, I can do the same for you, when we go to CPH!
    Enjoy halfterm in Grimsby! Plenty of fresh air and fish, I gather?

    Will introduce myself, no worries...

  • Jeg kan ikke tahler Dansk!
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