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  • Of course I will CR . . was thinking about it the other day.

    Already have a Dublin resource section, am going to do one for Connemara . . and you've provided lots of links and it makes sense to keep them in one place. Took me a while just now to trawl through the thread but I've got them all bookmarked now so it's a simple matter.

    We can add to it as we move forward to. I'll put something together over the next week . . bit busy this weekend with daughter coming to stay . . and let you check it out before we reveal it to an unsuspecting world!!

    It'll be a pleasure!!

    One thing about your list in the post above . . you ought to include those of us who are definitely going along at the top of it don't you think . . so it has the definites first and then the probables, in two separate sections.

    Better get to bed after all that unhealthy and unfamiliar thinking!!

    Nite all . .

  • Good idea, Rich,

    Oops, I just realised, your name was missing! Sorry!

    Runners, who have entered
    Ian Wood,

    Peppermint Hippo,

    Hopefully I have put you all in the right category, otherwise, protest!!
  • Rich,

    No hurry with website. Enjoy your daughters company.

    Called my cousin in CPH yesterday to secure private accommodation. She could not believe I was already planning these things for my nxt marathon. Guess, I am a bit early....

  • Good list CR!!!

    If you get stuff like your accomodation sorted now then you can relax and train with peace of mind . . far better than worrying about it or leaving it to the last minute.

    I was looking at some of the accomodation websites you'd suggested last night, in case my contact doesn't work out. Didn't seem so expensive to me!!

    Enjoy the weekend . .
  • CR - you can add Seaweed to the definites but for the moment I have to stay in the probables.
  • my email confirmation through...need to find some time to read through the 100 or so outstanding posts since I last really looked at this....unless anyone can summarise for me ;-))
  • OB,

    Must admit I don't know Seaweed, but I trust you and have added him/her (?) to the list...

    So, OB, what made you change your mind?
    You can register now and wait and pay at the Expo...

    Runners, who have entered
    Ian Wood,

    Peppermint Hippo,
  • Glad to hear you will be ready to resume training next week CR. I would really like to do a sub 2hr half before switching the focus to marathon training but I haven't managed to enter a half until Reading next March. Must try to find something sooner.

    Save a bit of chocolate for me.

    Is LR on the list of probables?
  • LL
    Thought you were gone off chocolates! Just received huge box of "Ferrero Rocher" from guest.

    LR is not yet on list. He does not want to hear another word about the RW! He he..
    He has entered Flora and Paris.

    When he hears how many probable forum runners there are on the list, I think he will soften up and consider...
  • LL
    Am keen to run RP Wednesday. Will save some chocolates for us as post race treats!

    Well, I would like to aim for the sub 2 hour half marathon too...

    I think it would be perfect, if we could do some 5 and 10 k's first, gradually build up to the half marathon in March and then the big one in May.... What do you think?
  • I am itching to do a half marathon sooner. Preferably tomorrow but can't find anything other than maybe Bedford on 14 December for which I have no transport.
    Have you entered any other races (5K, 10K?)
    Looking forward to RP and esp the choccies. Don't forget to bring some for CA!
    PS I did a RP pb today.

  • There's an awful lot of code going on here . . have to get the CIA or the FBI in to investigate I think!!

    Don't forget on December 14th it's the Forum Holly and Mistletoe Christmas Frolic near Reading . . there's a thread on URWFRC altho' it doesn't often make sense!

    Ian . . guess there's nobody who wants to summarise the story so far!! But it's a bit like a soap opera isn't it? Doesn't matter if you miss a few episodes, you just join in wherever you find yourself . .

  • Yes, I know about the Holly & Mistletoe get together but have been meaning to find out more. I know this is the wrong thread but Rich, can you tell me whether the rest of the family (Inc children) are welcome and whether food is involved or is it just beer drinking? Will you be there?

  • At last, somebody's come out to play!!

    I can answer the last question first . . yes, I'll be there . .

    And I definitely plan to eat lunch as well as enjoy a drink. Don't forget that many of us will be driving so the beer drinking shouldn't get silly.

    One of the organisers, BK, is sending me some information about the run (I have the maps already) which I'm going to post on my website so that everybody gets a chance to see it, it's easier than e-mailing stuff to everybody.

    I'll ask him how family friendly this is likely to be . . and does he know of other families that are coming along . . it's the sort of thing that should be mentioned one way or the other . . Personally I hope families are included but runners are odd sometimes aren't they!!

    I'll let you know when I know more . .

  • Thanks Rich. I know on a lot of the "dog" threads people often start comparing dogs to children in terms of being a nuisance.
    Wouldn't want to create a bad atmosphere.
  • CR - Seaweed is a forumite who started the long, never-ending "New york" thread. He is a "proper" marathon runner but likes to do the large events in fancy dress and for charity. He ran with me both in New York and Dublin (where he was dressed as the schoolteacher).

    He has already entered Copenhagen and I'm negotiating the domestic bit to try to be there with him!
  • LL
    Great stuff. What was your PB?

    Maybe you and CA should run alone if I slow down the pace too much?

    Of course, I'm the one, who's got the chocs, he, he....
  • Rich,

    You won't need either CIA or FBI. If you're really interested in the codes, I'll help you,- but off the record.....

    Sorry, I don't think I'll be able to attend the H&M get-together. December 14th and 15th are already booked. Hope you will have a great party!

  • OB,

    Thanks! I saw that great picture with you and Seaweed.

    I wonder how he's going to dress up in CPH?! Maybe in "The Emperor's New Clothes"?

    OB, why not bring over family/domestic goddess to CPH?

    Lots of activities, shopping, sightseeing etc.... Tell me what they want, and I'd be more than happy to help out...
  • CR, new pb 1:04:35. But CA can do 58mins!
    Happy to run any pace.

    Looking forward to the fireworks tonight. Don't eat all the chocs before wednesday!

    I know Denmark is more relaxed than here but would The Emperor's New Clothes really be a good plan? I suppose you could consider it a tribute to Hans Cristian Andersen.
  • CR - I'll pass on the suggestion of the Emperor's new clothes to Seaweed and I wouldn't put it past him! Mrs OB and I have had a good weekend in Copenhagen a couple of years ago so we've done the sights. We found out in New York that it doesn't work us going to a marathon together as our needs don't coincide. That's not the issue though. I picked up a nasty virus after New York and she thinks that at my grand old age (!) marathons aren't good for me.
  • ...sorry to butt in ;-)..<blush>..where can I check the starter list that the email confrmation makes reference to...cannot find anything on the website that looks like this??

    PS added a sub 1.50 half to my goals for next year..have done two that have crept under 2 hours (just)but want to break this barrier...(wern't you talkign about half's a couple of pages ago...sorry cant keep up!!)
  • Hi Ian
    Yes, CR emailed the organiser and the list should be on the website soon. If CR finds it before we do I'm sure she'll tell us where to look.
    Yes, we were talking about halfs a couple of pages ago, in relation to training. I would like to do a sub 2hr half before starting serious marathon training.pb is 2:05:22. Slight possibility of Bedford on 14 Dec but transport problems (i.e no car, but might think of hiring one). I often post on the sub 2hr half thread under "training". You are just a bit too quick for us but feel free to visit!
  • OB,

    That's interesting about NY. I went with my husband last year, when he ran. I thought NY was the coolest city!

    I managed to do a lot of shopping and sights, while husband went to the EXPO etc.

    It was a great trip and a fantastic marathon event. I was really impressed with the whole logistical operation...

    The Americans make you feel really welcome, and they are great spectators! The NY marathon inspired me to start running...

    I began running in March this year and I ran my first marathon in Dublin.

    Hopefully, I will be able to run NY one fine day. That would be a dream come true...

    Sorry, I don't think there is a bad age for marathons! Better to be run and be fit, than to sit in the couch and sleep!
  • BTW Seaweed is more likely to run a PB in The Emperor's New Clothes...

    Imagine all the Danish girls chasing him ;-)

    Also, it'll be a lot easier, than dressed up as The Little Mermaid...
  • Ian, I copied earlier posting, in case you did not get the info..

    Just got an email with kind regards from Bente Frøkjær at Sparta.

    She thinks it's great, that we want to run Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen.

    Answers to your questions:

    The registration has just started. A list of names should be found at the website from November 15th.

    There is no loft on the number of runners. In recent years there have been around 6.000 runners. They are hoping for the marathon to grow even bigger in 2004,- maybe up to 10.000.

    There is not cut-off time. It's NOT only for serious athletes. However, it is a run, and only a few have spent more than 6 hours completing it.

    Nobody knows, if the hotel prices will go up that particular week-end. The Danish newspapers say, that there are too many hotelrooms in CPH. If that is true, it's doubtful, that the prices will rise.

    Sparta has made a special deal with Cab Inn Hotels
    These hotels are quite cheap and centrally located.

    Also they are in contact with Scandic Hotels

    Another option is a hostel.

    There are no current plans on offering private accommodation, but they will discuss the possibility at Sparta...

    Also Bente Frøkjær has checked, how to get from Malmø in Sweden to Copenhagen.

    You will need take the bus nr. 110 from Sturup Airport to Malmø station (it takes about 45 min.).

    After about 10 min. waiting you can take the train to København H.

    Traveltime is about 1 1/2 hours all in all during rushhours. In the evening it will probably take longer.

    Bente ends her e-mail by wishing us all a good winter season.

    Sparta is looking forward to welcoming us in Copenhagen on the 16th of May 2004...

    How kind is that??
  • Thanks for directing me towards this thread Lady Lucan. It does sound as if this will be a great marathon. As it will be my first attempt, I want it to be really special so this will be high on my list if I don't get into the FLM.
  • Welcome Redhead. I'm also waiting to hear about FLM. If I get in, I'll do both.
    Fingers crossed for you.
  • Still trying to decide if I could commit to marathon training. Although have found someone at work who might be interested in doing it with me which would make things easier. We run about the same speed although she has more experience racing than me.
  • Welcome Redhead and Hoover,

    It is a big commitment!I understand you both!

    Before I made my decision, I did quite a lot of research on marathons, read books and articles in the RW's magazines, spoke to friends etc. Also I got a good training schedule with both running and crosstraining.

    It is good to have someone to run with and necessary to have support from home, friends or family, as it is quite time consuming...

    Try and set yourselves some smaller realistic goals underway e.g. your first 5k, 10k and half marathon races.

    Even after my first half, I found the marathon distance quite daunting, but if you build up your training gradually, it will seem easier. Your body and mind will adapt.

    I found a lot of support on the forums, especially "Shades" was great, when I struggled with my long runs!

    Anyway, good luck to you both. Let us know how you decide!!
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