Copenhagen Marathon



  • CR - am so impressed that you ran Dublin so soon after taking up running. My first race was FLM last year but I'd been running for fitness for a few years before that. Mrs OB and I straightened out the marathon issue over the weekend. I said It was ironic that she felt I was risking my health when to do nothing at all would be an even greater risk. You'd better put me in the "definites"!

    Hi Redhead, nice to bump into you again. I hope you are well and good luck with the marathon training.

  • CR you're a star - thanks for the summary!!
    PS I'm in FLM as well and doing my 2 x 2 (two marathons in two months!!)
  • Old Bones is that really you?! Hi, lovely to see you too.

    Hoover, if you decide to go for a marathon, I'd gladly be your cyber-training buddy. Wannaberunner and I used to email eachother every day with our training schedules when we were training for the Windsor 1/2 and Brighton 10k last year. It really helps tp motivate you when you have to report to someone else!

    CR, thanks for the encouragement. You're right about the forums being supportive, particularly when you are struggling.
  • OB,

    Yipeeeeeeeeee!!Great stuff. And thanks, I am blushing! Am glad you managed to straighten things out with your Mrs. Does she run?

    I have taken the liberty of putting your name on the list of probables... Hopefully, we can all convince you to come along!!

    Am pleased that you are already offering your help to Hoover! And you even know LL and OB. Fantastic!

    Runners, who have entered
    Ian Wood,

    Peppermint Hippo,
  • Ian,

    Thanks, my pleasure...

    I'm still waiting to hear from FLM.
    It is a big challenge to run 2 x 2, I must admit!!

    I am eager to hear, how it is done!
    Do you have a special schedule?

    Do you take time off between the two marathons?

  • CR Do you like my new forum pic? Clever old Lord Lucan sorted it out for me.
  • Gosh, LL,
    What on earth is that??

  • Hi LL, what a clever old Lord he is . . even if nobody else can work out what you are?

    BK e-mailed me about the family friendliness of the Holly and Mistletoe Frolic, as follows "Please note the pub should be child friendly as mine have been there before but I'm not sure about animals. If you bring your kids and they need entertaining then there is a leisure centre 5 minutes further along Richfield Avenue (past parking 3 on Map 3) with a swimming pool, a TGI Friday at the big roundabout on the way into town where Vastern Road and Caversham Road meet (see Map 2) or there are a limited selection of shops across the Bridge in Caversham. Reading town centre in approx 20 minutes
    away from Pipers Island."

    The maps referred to are now on my site.

    Can't stop, need to get back to work from lunch, but welcome Redhead and Hoover, and great to hear you're officially on board OB . .
  • Hope I don't upset you, but is it something one of the little Lucans made at school?

    It looks like a cross between a red/pink bug and the topping of a cake? Am I close?

  • I think it's a cartoon character or one of those free toys you get with a Muckdonalds Happy Meal . .

    (runs for cover . . . . )
  • crikey LL! - what is it?

    CR - have just sent off entry email. Mrs OB doesn't run and falls into the camp that thinks running is harmful. She has my best interests at heart but it's misplaced.

    Redhead - having changed from oldbones to oscar bravo and then to old bean, I've decided to go for the short and snappy OB!!

    rich - you like living dangerously in this thread don't you?

    ...talking of which, plummie seems to have disappeared from here.
  • Its actually a "Study in Playdough" by one of the Little Lucans and its meant to be a snowman but I think it bears a passing resemblance to me at the end of a long run.What do you think CR?
  • A snowman - of course!
  • Whhhaa haaa haaa, good one, LL!

    I was getting a bit worried, you didn't answer. Huge relief! LOL

  • Told you it was a cartoon character!!

    A snowman dressed up as Santa!!! See!!!

    Where's my prize?

    OB, Plummy is a waif who flits in and out of threads, he can't find one where he feels he belongs . . lol . .

  • Rich, The prize is ....The Little Lucans will make another one just for you!

  • Couldn't ask for a better prize :-D

  • Lucky you, Rich! A Mr. Blubber!
  • Blipper, Blubber, Blobber, my tongue is made of rubber...

    BTW I have contacted the Danish Tourist Board to get an information package about Copenhagen.

    Just to get some inspiration on the restaurants and sights.... Will keep you posted.

    Meanwhile, have a look at this one....

    Oh, no, it makes me wanna go home for X-mas!

    Christmas market at The Tivoli Gardens, Gløgg and æbleskiver,
    (Danish version of mulled wine and, and, and.. I'm not sure how to translate, LL can you help me?),
    Pixies and fairylights....
  • I think aebleskiver are a traditional Danish cake with apple peel as one of the ingredients. Is that right? I've heard that Glogg is lethal.
    Don't talk to me about pixies. I have nothing but trouble with those!
  • You are right, LL.
    I'd better stay over here for Christmas.
    Could be a bit too dangerous to go home...

  • Time for another recipe

    Check out the pics of the "mouth-watering" Danish Sweet Dumplings...

    The mulled wine etc.etc....

    Rich, how about a book of recipes on your website??

  • "Blipper, Blubber, Blobber, my tongue is made of rubber..."

    LOL, CR

    what a lovely phrase!!

    A recipe book? So you think I have too much free time do you?


    You'll be expecting me to make the dishes and photograph them first I suppose?

    Think I'll get back to the day job!!

    Anyway, having just followed your link, somebody's already done the recipe book thing, so that's another idea that came too late!!

    Unless of course you were to put together some Danish carbo recipes especially for runners . . now we could run with that one CR couldn't we?

  • ...and there are still six months to go!!

  • I know OB . . . I know . . . . . LOL !!!
  • Rise and shine, everyone.
    Hope the sun will do the same!
    Rain go away! We are running today...

    Food is my passion...
    What do you need?
    High in complex carb,
    low fat or more unhealthy stuff?

    Change of subject

    Let's talk about sports, which one is your favourite, except running, of course?

  • Mornin' . . just off to work but I've got a minute or two to tap some keys . .

    What food do I need CR? Lots of it . . that's my only need!! Altho' over the last few months I've gone more healthy and there seems to be lots of green stuff on my plate nowadays. And I recently substituted grapes for chocolate altho I've gone off that idea now!!

    Other sports? If I ain't runnin' I'm restin'!!!!

    Erm . . aren't we playing soccer on Sunday?

    Have a good run, see you later . .

  • CR - obviously a morning person!

    Food - yum yum! What else is there to say?

    Sport - I used to play a lot of cricket until I got too old so took up marathon running instead!
  • A very sad run today...
    LL can't wait to tell you all about it..

    I limp out to "lick my wounds" ....
  • You certainly know how to finish in style CR!!
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