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  • Anyway . . Waterstones came up with the goods and I now have a copy of Rose Tremain's "Music and Silence". However I came out with 3 other books as well . . which means I now have 8 books waiting to be read and 4 that I'm in the procecss of reading (LL I started re-reading "When we were orphans" last night having seen the book thread).

    So I'd better stop popping in here quite so often and get reading!!

    Interestingly, one of the other books I bought, Bill Bryson's "Mother Tongue" defines "hygge" as meaning "instantly satisfying and cosy" . . . but how is it pronounced Lady CR?

  • Rich,

    Fantastic! Now it is official.

    Rich's 50th Birthday Bash!
    Soon time to get planning....

    Now, are we talking fancy dress party?
    "Kings, Queens, Lords and Ladies"
    "Faking it?"

    Are you also celebrating round number?
  • This is my 40th birthday present from 8 days before
  • perhaps we should change it to the Copenhagen Birthday thread

  • mmmm . . definite lack of foresight on LL's behalf . . not calling this the Copenhagen Birthday thread lol . .

    Have you registered yet Angelis? If not, when you do tell them it's your 40th birthday, they may give you number 40!!

    Worked for me, even though I didn't expect it!!

    Lady CR . . I'm sorry . . can't do fancy dress . . it's tough enough to run all that way as it is and I don't want anything to slow me down . . or should I say to make me less fast?

    And I don't understand "faking it"? Sorry . .

    But as you know I will be dying my hair . . and also as you know me Lady . . I'm planning to dye it to look like the Dannebrog . .

    Maybe we birthday boys and girls should stick candles in our hair and try to look like birthday cakes?

    Nah . . stupid idea . . I'm so tall that nobody would realize what I was doing!!

    Back to the Dannebrog then . . (that's the Danish flag for newbies . . I'm just showing off!!)

    What's Danish for "Happy Birthday to me"? Maybe we should wear that on our vests/t-shirts?

  • Just thought i would pop in and say hello to Richard and CR.

    Happy Birthday to Richard, when is the big day?

  • Hi mr s, nice to see you . . you still poorly or has that darned flu finally gone?

    I've just about got rid of the last of my symptoms, an irritating little coff that just wouldn't go away. Doing my first post Dublin run tomorrow, looking forward to it, after the rugby and before the footie that we're not speaking about here in WW CPH!!

    My big day, and aikidoka's, is 5 days before the race, altho' not sure how big a day it is for aikidoka! And of course I wouldn't ask a lady that question and so CR has instead!!

    Angelis's big day is 8 days before the race . .

  • Rich, i am feeling a lot better thanks.

    I still haven't run yet. I was reading a few of the horror stories on this site about people who ran through injuries and it kind of put me off.
    I am seeing physio on Tuesday so will get some advice.

    Watched the rugby today big suprise to see NZ fall apart like that.Fingers crossed for England tomorrow.

    I better not mention the B' word again dont want to upset too many people.
  • Hi there,

    Only seem to check in about once a week, but I will probably take up Redheads generous offer if I go ahead.

    I am in an agony of indecision, first yes, then hubby came home with his schedule for the new year, traveling Jan, Feb, March. So I didn`t think it would be physically possible for me to fit in the training.

    But having read the thread again I now really want to go. Was especially touched by offers of virtual help.

    Apologise for enormous long thread but what I need to know now is when should serious marathon training start ?

    It`s a big commitment but can anyone give me an idea of what is involved ? I have the rw schedules but more in terms of fitting it in with the rest of your life.
  • Hello all,

    32nd birthday for me. Excellent news that there are so many other birthday boys/girls on the thread! I like the idea of an appropriate message on the t-shirt/vest.

    Hooves, I hope you can do this one. I also hope someone who knows about these things can answer your question because I'd like to know the answer as well...
  • Nice to see you here Aiki, I have no idea how long I would take to do a marathon, what were you thinking?
  • Hi all .What is this that O.B. has said i will run this marathon in the all together!!!!!.I look bad enough, in shorts, let alone out of them .But... if the price was right and for a charity then?????.
    We will fly from stanstead but i don't think they have released the flights yet.

    Ta seaweed.

  • Hi Hoover

    Don't apologise for a long message . . some of us (well me!) go on for ages . . and in my case it's mostly rubbish anyway . .

    I'm probably the last person to offer advice as I generally don't do running training the "right" way but I can make some suggestions.

    The first is that you really have to find what's right for you . . and try to figure out how much time you'll have and thus what you'll be able to manage.

    You then need to figure out what you hope to do in your marathon . . the better the quality (and to a lesser extent the quantity) of your training then the faster you'll be abe to race on the big day.

    I'd say that as a minimum you need to be able to fit 3 runs in each week for 12 -15 weeks. Longer than that if you can.

    It's the 3 bears plan, a short one, a medium sized one and a longer one.

    Maybe every 4th week miss out the longer one.

    Each week make the longer run longer than the previous week.

    As I write I realise I'm about to repeat an article in the current RW . . there is a first time for everything after all!!

    Have had a quick look around the RW website but can't find it.

    It's a piece called Double and Streak on pages 52-57 of the current (December 2003) issue of the mag . . . in which 7 different plans are outlined for improving your endurance and speed. In your position I'd go for the first one.

    It's called Plan 1 (no kidding) Take one step at a time . .

    Hope you have the mag? I can't remember how much running you've done already, I'm sorry, but don't forget that the guy in the example was starting from nothing . . I'm assuming you're ahead of him there.

    Apart from all that, I think my main message at an early stage in a running career is not to get upset if you miss a training session. One or two missed ones here and there won't make you a worse runner and won't make you perform poorly in your target race.

    It's very important to keep things in perspective and to balance all this running as best you can with the rest of your life . . as I'm sure you've already discovered. So don't get upset when life intrudes because it surely will from time to time . . and the best thing to do is to give the run a miss, shrug your shoulders, get on with whatever it is that's got in the way and look forward all the more to the next run.

    And remember that from time to time you're going to have a bad run, not enjoy it and wonder why you're bothering.

    If you didn't have runs like that from time to time, then similarly you wouldn't have those good runs either, the ones that make you glad to be alive and out in the fresh air . .

    Sorry to have banged on so much . . probably a lot of nonsense . . certainly nothing very specific . . but hopefully you'll be able to glean some sense out of it . . and you won't go far wrong with the RW schedules . . just remember that you can change the days around to suit you if you have to and that rest is just as important as exercise . .

    Hope you can join us Hoover . . . I'll let somebody else have a turn now!

  • Hi Hooves,

    Well, I think it would take me... ages.

    Just looked at the race predictor chart in 'Running for Fitness'. According to that, I'm hovering around the 5 hour mark. If you tell me your 5K/10K time I'll look you up too.

    It is interesting to see that some forumites plan to do the race nude. If I mentioned that on plodders I think we'd see a mass stampede Denmark-wards ;o)

  • Seaweed - hi and goodbye!

    It was suggested that you might want to pay homage to Hans Christian Andersen and run wearing the King's New Clothes?

    See you at Stanstead!

    Hi aikidoka . . you'll be the baby of the birthday party then!!

  • Just the one nude aikidoka . . let's not get carried away here . . remember what I've just said about perspective lol

    And what's wrong with a 5 hour marathon?

  • It wasn't my idea.
    Anyway how would i get a crown (the King wore that at least)

    Rich what sort of time are you up for, Me and O.B. are running together.
  • Been a while since I've been the baby at any party... sounds good to me. And one nude is better than none ;o)

    Rich, 5 hours would do me fine. In fact after 26 miles I honestly think I won't give a t*ss how long it took - just lead me to the nearest bar...

    gotta hit the hay and try to sleep ahead of tomorrow's 10K. It has been very nice to meet you all :o)

  • I'm hoping to get down to around 3.35 . . depends on the winter of course . . and you?
  • Seaweed, I just remembered I once had a dream in which I saw my boss naked except for a strategic covering of filamentous green seaweed. Could this be a sign? Are you my boss???

    OK, I'll get my coat...
  • Me and O.B are going to run/walk it,enjoy it and we are aiming for sub 4.50.
    I'm going to race Paris 6 weeks before hand .

  • G'nite aikidoka . . good luck tomorrow . . come back and let us know how you get on won't you . .

    I've met Seaweed briefly . . nice chap but not at the top of my list of erm . . shall we say . . (digging a HUGE hole for myself here) . . erm . . people I can imagine running nude . . and mind those pins!!!

    Altho' of course if it's in the interests of charideee . . where do I put my 10p?

    And the nearest bar in CPH to the finish? CR . . we need you to do some research!!
  • Aikioka .What are you on... and can we all have some. If i look like your boss i pity him.(seaweed comes from ,,)
    I think i need the coat.

  • What's filamentous?
  • O.K. 10p starts us off. Charity is called Get Kids Going .(helps disabled childen ,by buying them sports wheelchairs.)
    Maybe i could get more if i got money for not running in the nude.(no offence taken rich).

  • I'm racing Connemara at the end of March, and then "enjoying" London if accepted 3 weeks later.

    Haven't worked out how many weeks it is between London and Copenhagen.

    I'd like to do 2 more before CPH so that then the latter is my 35th marathon . . a few years ago I hoped to do my 50th marathon close to my 50th birthday . . then life intruded and I hardly ran for 2 years . . . and for some reason I have this notion that my 35th close to my 50th is more symetric (sp?) than 34 at 50 . .

    aikidoka . . any other dreams you'd care to share?

  • I'll give you a fiver NOT to run in the nude . . . how's that?

  • Sounds good to me.
    Time for bed i'm working tomorrow
    Ta seaweed

  • Yup, I'm off too . . g'nite all . .
  • what a lot of activity and nice new people!

    It's my b'day 11 days before CH but not a landmark one (apart from at my age they're all landmark ones if you make it to the next!!)
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