Remembrance Sunday.

Tomorrow I'll be going to watch my local Remembrance Sunday parade. Who else is going to watch their local one and pay their respects to those who gave their lives, so that we could enjoy our freedom?


  • sadly not many of them talk about it and keep it alive.........

    went to a remmebrance concert last night over 3 hours....the service part of the end was the best part........makes you think.......such well spoken phrases..and the bugle playing the last post chills me every time.........

    but we should be thinking of these men from so long ago every wek.not just one day a year because we are told to

  • It's not just the WW1 and WW2 veterans. It also remembers those who died in Korea, the Falklands, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

  • Rickster........I think of all those men who went who had no choice.........they never wanted to be soilders...they never decided that the forces was to be their job or career............that life was not one they wanted or chose..............but they were enlisted because they were needed and they had no choice.....and they still went and fought and were prepared to give their lives..........

    Whilst i feel saddened for every soilders death i do by any premature death in society........these men and women wanted to do it and knew that it was part of their job whilst it is terrible that any person whould have to gop to war and witness it all........these people have felt taht it was want they want to do as a career.....


  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    My bad.

    I meant 11am on the 11/11. image

  • When i say they should be thought about every week....i don't mean in some public display so that everyone can see that you are doing it....i think its something in your personal life at those times when you think about the world around you and the terrible things that are happening and how lucky you are that your worries however big they might be are very small compared to many alive now and in the past

  • 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

    -it's a non-traditional time/date format oh seedy one. (OCD-1)image

  • Oh Seedy One reckons it should be 11 11/11, then image
  • as a former soldier myself i will be marching tomorrow, and sadly remembering some fiends of mine who are no longer with us. image


  • I had the honour years ago of playing the last post at Canterbury Cathedral on Remembrance Sunday. We often watch the festival of remembrance too.

    Tomorrow's XC league race starts when the cannon goes off at 1102, after 2 minutes silence.

  • I shall be one hour into a race at 11 tomorrow but what they did last time was hold the silence before the off. I've packed my poppy to pin to my race number.

  • Back in seventies, when I was a kid, the WW2 seemed like ancient history. But for the people I shared the cenotaph with at that time...  it must have seemed like yesterday... it was less than 30 years previous...  and I now have that perspective myself.

    When I think about it, I've probably gone to more effort to mark this event than almost any other annual event. Now in my late forties...  I've a feeling I missed a couple somewhere down the years. But even though I have no family connection to the armed forces, I always want to be there.  And in years when the weather is bad, it seems more poignant still.


  • A brilliant parade here in Nottingham.

  • We always observe the 2 minute silence and watch the service on the BBC. OH has a great uncle who was killed close to the start of WW1 - he was a Lancer and is buried in a small local churchyard in France. She is doing a blog on it with hints and tips as to how to research your lost soldiers - she works for the National Archive at Kew - a link -

    We plan to visit his grave for the centenary and to my great great uncles grave also in France.

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