Warning about Saucony Vision Shoes

To Whom It May Concern

I recently purchased a pair of Saucony Vision Shoes from the M & M website.

I am a serious runner who typically does 40 to 50 miles and week training and I take part in regular marathon and half marathon races, for a long time now I have worn Asics Kayano shoes without a problem. I decided to try the visions having heard good things about them and having read the technical data on the shoes. The first time I wore the shoes was for a short 10k run, during the run they destroyed my feet and left them badly blistered and very painful, I put this down to breaking the shoes in and decided to give them another try. I wore them again a week or so later once the original blisters had heeled, this time I wore them in a half marathon race in Carlisle. As a result I have been left in agony with terrible blisters and deep tissue bruising which will stop me running for at least 2 weeks according to my Doctor. I am appalled by these shoes and I suggest you think carefully before buying them. the second run whilst wearing these I am a very experienced runner who takes care of his feet and always wears good quality socks etc, I haven't had any problems with my feet in the past.

I wrote to Saucony to complain and they sent a very weak reply saying the shoes were selling well!

You have been warned!!!


  • you're an experienced runner who only runs 10k in a pair of shoes before racing in them ?
  • I don't see why you would wear them for 10k, not get on well with them, and THEN try them for an entire Half Marathon ??

    Seems madness to me.

    You can't make a shoe that will work for everyone - and common sense should be used here. If I had a really bad reaction to them, I'd certainly not try them for a longer distance.

    Wait til you have healed and then try them on the treadmill at the gym for shorter distances. That might work. 10km is not exactyly a great deal of breaking in is it ?
  • Thanks for this valuable advice. I will definitely think twice about:
    a) buying shoes I've not tried on from a maker I don't normally use
    b) wearing them in a 1/2M when I know they can do for my feet in 10K

    I'll consider myself warned!


    p.s. I used to be a serious runner too but I've lighted up a little since.
  • Oh and I didn't notice that you bought them mail order. Hmmm !
  • i dont understand why you wore them again for the half

    i am a saucony fan

    Please contact them again
  • He probably works for Asics.
  • dont start me on asics shoes!

    Surpried mr saucony hasnt appeared to give advice
    he usually does
  • I don't think you try and warn everyone off buying Saucony because of your (and I prepare to be blasted here) foolish decision to wear them in the half marathon.
  • Wearing them for the first time for a 10k isn't exactly the mark of an experienced runner either!
  • I know i can do that with my sauconys
    thats why i love em!
  • Different shoes fit different people. I don't get along with a number of shoes including the majority of Asics but I have no problem with others using them.

    I've worn a pair of Saucony for a 230 mile ultra run without any major blisters. I didn't break them in but went and tried them on in a shop before making my purchase. That way you know you are not going to have any major probs with them.
  • now you mention it i only wore one pair of shoes during the 24hr last weekend.. guess what make?

    i thought i was being a bit unfair with my previous response but it seems everyone else thinks the same way.

    don't think we need to have further character assasination on this chap, he probably has had a bad experience. To blame it solely on the shoe and extrapolate that to make them bad for everyone seems a bit much though.
  • Nah, I say kick him while he's down!

    (nothing personal Mark, I'm just in that sort of a mood today)
  • Just to add my two cents worth

    I always work on the basis of "if it's not broke, don't try to fix it".

    If I had a make and model of shoe which I used and caused me no problems, I would not even think of trying something new unless the shoes became end of life and not available any more.

    My feet are too precious and good running shoes are too expensive, especially as I need to buy two pairs of running shoes each time due to left foot being two sizes smaller than right.

  • Warning: Travelling on a train with your head out of the window is dangerous.

    The other week I travelled 10 k on the train with my head sticking out of the window. When I got to my destination I was shocked to find that my head was missing. I had it sewn back on and after the scars had healed I decided to give it another go. Anyway, I decided to do a 13 mile train ride this time and my head got knocked off three times. Now my doctor has told me that I won't be able to travel on trains in my usual fashion for at least a month. Maybe I should stick to just sitting on the train like I did before I received mail suggesting the new method.
  • DB - I hate the use of 'LOL' to express appreciation of humour, but, what the hell. LOL.

    Ironman's clearly right. They're just not right for YOU, Mark. Hope you're not feeling too beaten up - we're usually very nice, friendly types here!
  • I agree, we're usually very friendly. What's got into us. We've been very rude.
  • (DB shows contrition)

    (Whilst stifling a smirk)
  • DB, thanks for the warning about sticking head out of the window. But if I was you I'd write a letter of complaint to national rail, maybe they could change the trains just for you.

    Back to the point, I've had no problem with Saucony, having run for the past 18 months in Grid Nitrous without any complaints (I've run 2 full marathons, 4 halfs, a few smaller races and, of course, training runs). Obviously I haven't run in the same pair, I buy a new pair after about 500 miles use. But, I buy the make and model. If I bought a different model, ran a 10K in them and both my feet fell off, I would reallise that they are not the shoes for me, I wouldn't then try them in a race!

    I agree with what already has been said, shoes that are OK for one person may not be OK for someone else. They only solution to getting the perfect shoe is to have them custom made so you get the correct size, width and fitting.

    One more thing, I would never buy a new model of shoe I've never tried before via mail order or the web. I'd go to a specialist running shop like Run and Become, where you can try them on and they will even let you run up and down the street in them. Then you can tell if they feel uncomfortable or tight fitting.

    Considering you are supposed to be an "experienced runner" you should've known better than to use the shoes in a 1/2 marathon after they had already almost destroyed your feet in a 10K run. I don't think Saucony is too blame.
  • Funniest thread for ages...class
  • who in their right mind buys shoes mail order without knowing what they are like on their feet??

    remind me next time I am buying ski boots to do mail order. will save me endless hours of time in the ski shop trying diferent ones to see which ones cripple me best.
  • top stuff this thread - did loads of ROFL-ing!
  • FBF - ROFL.
  • Come on Mark defend yourself for gods sake!!!

    Agree with all that's been said and think Dragon B and FBF are v. funny today!
  • DB - very nice of BR to stop the train after you had your head knocked off so that you could run back, find it, stick it back on and have it knocked off another two times. I beat there was some non-running W*nker on the train who couldn't possibly understand the reason for the delay and complained bitterly. T@sser.
  • i ran in a pair of saucony spikes but i didnt take trhe spikes out of the inside before i ran in them and my feet hurt afterwards i tried returning them but the shop said it was my fault for not checking
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    i also had problems with my last pair of sauconys, don't know if it's the brand or the fact that it's a pair of 8s when usually i use 7 and 1/2

    DB, i always travel by train in such fashion and never got my head hit, must be that SWtrains are so delayed that they miss the posts
  • I use the train every day and on the in bound journey get a seat but on the homewood journey I stand. The windows are very small and you must a) have a small head b) have a very long neck.

    I once tried to hang my bag out the door but being automatic doors they wouldn't close and since I was in a hurry to get home I didn;t have the time to try and jam the door mechanism.

    The slam door trains are better though.

    Alternatively you cuold always try 'train surfing'. It was a very popular sport in SE London but for some reason is outlawed - rightly so as the victims often made a hell of a mess all over the undergrowth!

    So to Saucony or not to Saucony.

    My first pair of propeshoes were Asics left my feet in one hell of a mess but then what do you expect buying shoes from a 15 year old in JJ Sports! So I then bought a proper pair of shoes a pair of Saucony somethink brilliant I noticed an immediate 25s per mile improvement but wore them out in under 100 miles. Sauconny gave me a replacement pair which I also wore out so they then gave me a pair of Grid Omni these are great and although I have had them a year and alternate them with pair of NB 764's love both of these shoes. I have now bought a pair of Saucony 7000 but don't like them so much. This I think is my fault for getting a half size too big. Still not to worry I will keep them for my ultra training as a second pair of shoes. Only problem is that I now have more pairs of trainers in the shoe cupboard than my wife has shoes and she is getting a bit miffed, especially as there is no room anymore for my work shoes which have to be left by the front door.
  • bet your shoe cupboard is minging ashley
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