Warning about Saucony Vision Shoes



  • These warning threads are the funniest for a long time, come on Mark, lets have your response
  • DB - too funny...my co-irkers now thing I am totally bonkers...teehee.

    I wear Asics and Saucony's (not at the same time...I say that because I know someone will make a remark.. ;o) )...and have styles I love, and styles that didn't quite work out. Can't blame the maker...every runner is different. Some mail order places and most running stores, will take back shoes that don't work out. I'd write to Saucony again.
  • It's OK to wear Asics and Saucony at the same time, as long as you remember to altenate between your feet. But remember to compain to both Asics and Saucony if you end up with shin splints by wearing both shoes at the same time.
  • I recently got one of those mail order brides online. On the trip from Heathrow I noticed that I wasn't remotely attracted to her, nor her to me, we had absoluetly nothing in common and we couldn't actually communicate since her English and my Russian are both non-existent.

    I have been married several times before and so consider myself to be a serious philanderer.

    Anyway, we got married and I noticed that I still didn't find her attractive and we had nothing to say to each other. I wrote to the registry office to complain but they sent me a very unsatisfactory response and reminded me that many other people get married each year!

    You have been warned...
  • LOL Scoots!

    Mine wasn't so bad, especially after a good bath and a bit of pruning!
  • You had to take a bath!!!!???

    Against your religion isn't it?
  • RB... Come back when you've learnt to read.
  • ...so you didn't take a bath?

    I was worried for a minute...

    As the warning Guru, I feel I should warn you all not that giving warnings can damage your health, and your running in particular.

    I haVe tatoooooded an eye on my right palm to protect me from you all of u big roughy toughy running types that are currently extracting the urine from me during your oh so busy working day's (gis a JOB?)

    Anyway, it's about time I about time I warned you all away from X Socks.

    Basicaly, they dont work! As an experienced Warner, I feel it is my Duty to tell you that despite applying copius amounts of Vaseline to my precious tootsies I still got Bloody great Blisters.

    That's all for now, till my next Warning.


  • Please come back and warn us about something ridiculos again tomorrow as I haven't skivved away from my puter at all today cos you have been terribly entertaining for us!

    Please come back Mark!
  • ps my spelling is truly shite today!
  • Mark - you've made my day! I can't wait for the next warning
  • Mark - you've made a lot of people happy


    I MUST warn you that

    X-socks do work very well cos I have them

  • YAY!

    Rapturous applause!!! MY HERO!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Thank you Mark. I'm not sure I really remember the original message, but you have somehow triggered the funniest afternoon in forum history.

    I'm glad you seem to have a sense of humour too, and haven't left the forum in disgust at our childish antics. We are a friendly bunch really, just very, very silly sometimes.

    Now, can you explain the term "working day"? It's not one that many of us are familiar with around here..............
  • are x-socks cartoon super socks with strange powers?
  • Round of applause for Mark...
  • you are cute count!
  • Careful with the spelling Wolfy...
  • glad you typed that properly wolfy!!
  • well thankyou wolfy...
    but your a dirrdy girl!
  • Cant belive I've stayed late at work due to a forum.....right this is my last post.

    Mark don't let us down tomorrow!
  • You ever seen that Simpsons episode where Lisa conducts the "Is my brother dumber than a hamster" science project?

    She sets up a donut attached to an electric charge.
    Hamster knows to stop eating when food gives him an electric shock.
    Bart just keeps trying to grab it and gets a shock every time, over and over again.

    Sorry, don't know what made me think of that...
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    a cute pussy, a cute count, how long is gonna be this thread without being cazzed?
  • am off home with a BIG smile on my face after this afternoon's shenanigans. top stuff
  • Well done Mark (Mr warnings).....

    you are now infamous!......personally I found your original post very informative and do not see what anyone found funny!

    nurse nurse....is it time for the tablets yet?

  • What I wanna know is, what is a "short 10k"? I've been waiting and waiting, hoping and hoping, someone would ask and now I've had to do it myself.

    Well, as my old Mum used to say.........

    (Thinks, maybe it's 5k out and 4.5k back, then bus home. Yeah, that's it 'specially if you've got blisters!)

    (Thinks, thinks. Or maybe it's 4k out, 3k sideways, then a quick nip across the park and a a a......)
  • Before I retire for the evening and put on my smoking jacket in an effort to contemplate tommorrows warnings, I feel I must comply with an incredible urge to warn you all about Nike TechnicaL Tights!!!

    See you tommorrow.

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