Warning about Saucony Vision Shoes



  • or email them to me and then I'll post them for you.
  •  This thread is hilarious!

    I guess Mark Derry has never tried Nike shoes with air soles. I took my Air Max 180s with me on a skiing holiday so I could run and they reacted VERY badly to the altitude...yes, the bloody things ruptured. And I had temporarily mislaid the receipt, so the people at Niketown were unsympathetic albeit rather impressed at the huge distorted bulges in the air sole. They were only a month old!

    I found the receipt about two months later. Typical.

    Lessons to be learned from this:

    - WARNING: Do not take Nike shoes to altitude.

    - Clearly the Kenyans do not run in Nike shoes with air technology.

    - Nike shoes with air technology are therefore not for serious runners*.

     I run in Saucony at the moment image


    * actually I still do rotate wearing Nike Air Max 180s. Because they are bouncy and I like them. But damn Nike all the same.

  • I see MD got his shoes from the M+M website, funny that, I normally buy sugar-coated, chocolate covered peanuts from them. 
  • boing
  • I'm Back!!!!


    Sorry I've taken a short break (3 years) I went away to Tibet in an effort to find myself, did a couple of short 10k's on the way and failed to heed one of my own warnings, i don't want to cause you any unecessary distress by going into the gory details, suffice to say STAY AWAY FROM RUNNING MACHINES - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

     I have a case pending against Hilton Hotels so I hope you can understand that I'm unable to biase my case at this stage with a full account. All I'll say is that a snotty nosed managers explanation that that was the first time he had ever seen a stuck stop button just didn't cut it, 2 weeks in traction and a permanent limp couldn't be washed away by such a weak apology.


    I'll be back...........

  • Absolute Class Mark  !!!

     The liberal application of Deep Heat to the groin area is EXTREEMLY DANGEROUS and can have life long implications!!!

    You have been warned!


  • I have just passed by my local gym (during a short 10k hobble) and to my horror I saw several idiots on running machines who clearly haven't seen my latest warnings.

    Do your bit and warn them!!


  • welcome back Mark - your original warning thread has been used a number of times whilst you've been away as it was pure class

    now go get some new shoes off t'interweb..... image
  • Thanks FB.

    I'll do that, I'm sure that those nice chaps at saucony have invented another method of torture by now!

    What ever happened to the M&M website?

  • they changed their name to Smarties..... image

    dunno - a few online retailers were getting loads of complaints on here due to poor customer service so maybe M&M went uptits as a result or just gave up advertising? can't recall if they were one that people complained about though
  • ROFL! Was just reading an old thread "Shoes and Blisters" in the gear section and noticed Mellifera had posted a link on it to this thread as the guy was getting a little bit of stick for asking obvious questions.

    I have to say i agree with what people said to MD, but the fact he kept coming back is a credit to himself! I've been on a lot of forums in the past but ive never laughed so much at one thread! Its pure gold! image

  • Thanks fat buddha for the signpost!! I have been suppressing a fit of the giggles the whole time I was reading this. It's been a year now, so definitely about time for a revival!

     I just got some Sauconys, can't believe the company is still going after what I've read here.

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    boing! -classic

  • If Carlsberg posted on forums........image

  • Was waiting for the post where Mark fesses up to not removing the wadding from the toes..... 

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Camlo - Thanks for bringing this one back; I wonder where Mark is these days?


  • Warning! Do not attempt to stick a flag pole up ones bottom

  • Gumps. wrote (see)

    Warning! Do not attempt to stick a flag pole up ones bottom

    Is it OK to stick it up someone else's bottom ?

  • "Bump"

    At least that's what us Yanks call it when we bump an old thread back to the top again. We came across this tonight across the pond in a group forum about old shoes from the past. There's quite a few of us who got a good laugh about this tonight in the U.S.
  • Do not buy Saucony shoes no matter how good they look or what the smooth talking salesman may claim about the shoes.

    Saucony are inferior to most shoes, the uppers can rip apart within a short period of time and you often get blisters from the shoes due to their cheap quality.

    They have a tendency to melt away on a treadmill or on a road and stick to your feet.


  • I've run 20 some marathons, and done 5 IM's and all in Saucony shoes without a single blister 

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Thanks track-vol - haven't seen this thread in a long time.  I can't believe it was 13 years ago.

    Best day in forum history.

  • Aaah happy times !
  • Never had a problem with Saucony shoes, apart from midsole failure at great age (about 10 years!)(can't grumble about that)

  • I've run literally thousands of miles in Saucony shoes without any problems. I've certainly never had any 'melt away' and stick to my feet - but then, nor have any shoes I have ever owned.

    I suspect that Sub17 got scammed by someone selling fake Saucony - made of cheese.

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