Project Management Professional Certification

I'm thinking of doing the Project Management Professional certification as I've done a lot of PM during my career and am thinking of getting the boyscout badge to prove it.


Has anybody done it, how long does it take to do the course ?


  • Just my own opinion, I think project management is a prerequisite skill for so many professional management roles (Finance, Engineering etc) that it depends what you're going to combine it with as to whether or not its worthwhile to add a cert. As you say, you already have the skill, you'd be better train in an under-skilled area.
  • Thanks Ekgo, I was just thinking of getting the cert to confirm that I have the skill. I don't think that the actual cert is a very long course, say 50- 100 hrs, but was trying to get some confirmation of this.

    I also quite fancied doing something over the winter to keep me off forums like this one.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'm PMP certified and its been nothing but of benefit for me in my career. It's not just about leading projects it's about having the theory and knowledge to be able to do it... And a lot of employers will look for a certification in applications.

    I was headhunted this year for a new job and it was because they were looking for someone with PMP certification before experience in the industry etc.

    In preparation for the exam - I can recommend Rita's book on PMP preparation. It's great. If you want further advice - you can PM me.
  • Thanks Emmy that's very kind of you. I'll drop you a PM if I have any questions. Thanks again.

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