Avas Pink Fundraiser - Mad Hatters VLM return

Hi all, I don't make a habit of asking for sponsorship, I take part in races because I enjoy it and want to do it and if I raiswe money it's a bonus

BUT, I am making an exception this year to push for sponsorship, I know every fundraiser is personal but ..........  Ava is just under 3 years old and has Wilms tumour with complications, she's my friends little girl and her strength is amazing and humbling, that and the strength and positive attitude of her family. Ava faces a blood transfusion now after radiotherapy and the start of her chemotherapy, no child should have to go through what she is having to go through. she's an absolutely delightful little girl.

On Sunday 18th there is a big fundraiser locally and I would LOVE to be able to add as much money as I can to their fundraising so far. Her treatment is being funded by Childrens Cancer and Leukaemia Group and I will be hobbling through the london marathon again next year, once again as the mad hatter, to raise as much money for her as I can .  so please, if you can, dig deep and donate if you can, even if it's just a quid or something, it all counts.


dont' know why this won't let me post links :S

there is some more information on her progress on a facebook page and a website is in the process of  being set up


Please share my fundraising page if you can and let's see if we can help put a smile on her face 


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