'popped' calf muscle

After standing for pretty much 8 hours straight at work, as I ran across the road for the bus I felt a 'pop' in my left calf which was very painful. I hobbled short distance and procured a lift home. RICE the last 36 hours and some improvement. QUESTION - Am I likely to be fit for work tomorrow? I will be expcected to stand for long periods. I have only been in post a week and am seriously worried about being unfit. I at least need to go in to work but am concerned I will cause further damage or delay the healing process. 


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Sounds more like a cramp issue. The pop was just a few fibres unsticking themselves.

    Standing for a few hours probably had everything to do with it.

    Since you're unlikely to be running for a bus mid shift no more damage will occur.

    Running after standing still for hours was the cause.

    Probably best to not try running after the bus for a while.

  • As I am still hobbling, should I just walk through this stage and 'stretch' the fibres do you think? Thank you for your reply, : )

    I hope this means I can run again fairly soon and not wait for weeks.........

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