Endurancelife Anglesey Ultra


I'm signed up for the endurancelife ultra on Anglesey in January and just wondered whether any of you out there have done this before? Or maybe you've done a different distance or a different coastal trail?

My background is mostly in fell and off-road events but this will be the first I've done in an area I am totally unfamiliar with.

I'm expecting to carry my own kit/water/food etc, but are there any water/food stations at all? And is it point-to-point route finding like fell races or is it a very precisely limited course like cross-country races?

My main question is regarding the terrain (seeing as I don't know the area at all.) It says 25% tarmac, 25% fell and 50% trail. Now I don't really know where the line lies that seperates trail from fell so I don't know if we're talking studded fell shoes or cushy trail shoes...

Anybody with experience or advice for me?



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