Error message 3137

'attempted to dereference a stale widget handle'

did anything unpleasant happen to you for said sin? So far I appear unscathed.


  • Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!!

    Quick, switch everything off and get on the floor under your desk.
  • now I've gone and upset the BUTTON but control..oh dear, I'm switching off..
  • I wouldn't worry- all computer terminology is over dramatic, because the nerds who invented them need to get out more. I ask you "fatal error" I don't think so. "It is now safe to turn your computer off" why will the world end if I don't wait? What nonsense.
    The only really fatal thing is if you get the plug wired up wrong.
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzdddddddddzzzzzzzzzzzttttt!

  • Wake up JJ....
  • Dropping said computer on ones head can be fatal Mrs Battenburg.
  • Hello Nicko- been meaning to ask is that you on holiday in your picture?
  • Yes FF but dropping a big rock on your head is also fatal Bill Gates has not invented tragedy, it's all a conspiracy to make sporty athletic types feel inadaquate after years of it being the other way round.
  • It is my little freaky friend, and how are you gorgeous.......
  • btw monique get yourself down to joseph's well on 20 November - and your old-punk mates!

    (ducks from fatface after another inappropriate bsp ref)
  • Where is Josephs Well excuse my stupidity, who else is playing?

  • alan - shite mate, total shite!!!
  • 20 November Leeds Josephs Well - down between LGI and headrow nr new nuffield hospital- ish (Tel: 0113 203 1861) - dunno - will let you all know!
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