Go on what have you bought lately?

I got a cordless Cateye speedo for my Fondriest and some spd pedals for my training bike. Also bought a book on Endurance training.


  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oooh, bike porn!

    I've just stroked my new seat post ... it's a Miche Super Type ... on special offer at www.oldhamcyclecentre.co.uk, only £19.99 .

    It's a thing of beauty ... black, ultra lightweight (but NOT carbon fibre - aluminium), very aerodynamic ... oooh....

    We've also just ordered (again from oldhamcylecentre) a Gist Fluid turbo trainer to keep us amused during those cold winter days ....

    Oooh... now lets talk about shiny aluminium ....
  • Er, some winter longs.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    ooooooh... I emailed Newline at the weekend asking about the price of their spinning shorts (for turbo training) but they haven't replied to me yet.

    Habe you worn them yet (serious kit testing question, not a 'lets talk about men's underwear'question).

  • LizzyB - Not worn the longs yet, lazy me, but I bought the spinning shorts & top for the gym. Very good kit indeed ! Shorts are more sturdy than the light lycra you usually get.
    Can't remember how much they were though. Doh !
  • I got some new brake blocks!!
  • Nuffink. *pout*
  • Well actually that's only 1/2 true; I bought a bike computer but it was for a present for a friend.
  • Well seeing the thread made me think about what I have bought for sports this year and now I realise that this is probably an illness - help me!

    1 MTB Cannondale
    1 pair cycling shoes
    1 cycling helmet
    1 bike pump
    1 triathlon suit
    1 swimming trunks
    3 running vests
    1 running shorts
    2 running shorts (cyclist style)
    2 full length running tights
    1 below knee running tights
    2 short sleeved running shirts
    2 long sleeved running shirts
    1 long sleeved heavyweight running shirt
    1 cycling shirt
    1 Salomon camelback
    1 pair Gel Kayanos
    1 pair Saucony Jazz (big mistake)
    1 pair DS Racers
    2 pairs running socks
    1 pair sunglasses for running
    Assorted books and magazines

    I'm hiding under a mound of sports equipment. It's the only place my bank manager can't find me.
  • 2 pairs SPD shoes
    1 pair of pedals
    1 pair of bib shorts
    1 cycling top
    2 running vests
    2 pairs cycling shorts
    2 sleeveless cycling tops
    1 helmet
    2 tyres
    4 waterbottles
    1 seatpack
    1 computer
    2 lights
    2 pairs trainers
    1 pair cycling longs
    1 pair lycra running shorts
    1 running top
    Loadsa mags
    Half a dozen pairs of socks

    Ohmigosh. NOW I see why I'm poor. :-(
  • I bought a tent and winter sleeping bag last week (plus other bits and pieces)
  • i dare not list what i'v bought this year :o(
  • i dare not list what i'v bought this year :o(
  • *round of applause* for Cougie & Firemonkey!
  • Refuse to toal up all I've bought this year..!

    but most recent addition is lovely QR TeQuilo which I built up myself... Now trying to find excuses not to buy her some sexy new carbon booties to go with her... (help!!)
  • oooo - echo!
  • Sad thing is, I thought I'd been good this year. Pants.

    Mmmmm - any pics of the new arrival ?
  • ah,
    not here at wuk... but will mail 'em to ya' tonite if you like!!

    (she's the older version of the model, but for £150 instead of over £400 I'm not complaining...)
  • Yes please !

    Woooooh ! Sounds a bargain too ! This gets better and better !
  • and a set of carbon-esque 3 spoke rear and areo rimmed front would finish yer off lovely!!
  • Dr. Nic I need a sugar mummy not a round of applause.
  • Oh yum. Kit talk.
    I've just ordered a pathfinder jacket, narvik shirt and ranger trousers from Extreme Outdoor Clothing - fab kit for long winter walks.
  • Didn't the ranger mind there Meerkat?!!

    << goes to get coat >>
  • ooh just taken delivery of:

    1 x long sleeve drifit top
    1 x pair dodgy coloured but only a fiver running tights
    1 x falke socks

    might just have to go out running tonight now...

    not going to list what I have bought this year though... far far too scary
  • oooh! I can sort of join in here!

    I ran in my brand spanking new very high viz jacket yesterday! Everyone could see me, even the milkman who didn't run me over like he usually tries to.

    It's even got a pocket in the back for when all the other ones are full!

    AND it was £30 off!


    (Only thing I've bought since my shoes...)
  • Just bought a Snugfit Softie 9 sleeping bag. Comfortable to -10. Lovely. And some Bridgedale Coolmax socks. And just ordered a long sleeve and a short sleeve Serpie cycling tops.

    On the down side, had my old mountain bike nicked the night before last.
  • :o(

    just as well you have something snuggly to resort to, Richard...
  • Yeah, its very snuggly. Makes me want to go and sleep in the park.

    (Its a Snugpak not a Snugfit by the way - still thinking about those England rugby shirts obviously).
  • ooo me too.
  • Now I'm worried - RichardM thinking about snug rugby shirts ?

    Any OTHER accomodation available for Tough Guy ? ;-)

    Downer about your MTB though. Bless it.
  • aww your poor MTB... but I guess if you will go round wearing snugfit clothing... hee hee!!
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