Race day checklist

Ok. My first ever race is clowne half in2 weeks so its time for me to start thinking about the race day. What items have you forgotten to take with you that you needed on race day ? What things do you think I might need and should take with me ? What things do I definitely need to take with me ? Cheers


  • Staying overnight before the race?
  • Nipguards & safety pins.....

    Nightmare whne you forget to take either!

  • Plasters on nips
    Bodyglide or equivalent for tops of legs
    Buff or other headgear (being a slaphead)
    Pack of wet wipes
    Clingfilm to wrap up keys in bumbag so they don't jangle
    Pee and a good dump

  • Lol. That was a comprehensive list muttley.
  • No overnight stay required. Some good reminders there thanks. But how do you know I'm a slap head ?? image
  • Nothing more annoying than people with jangling keys in their fanny bags.
  • Race number and pins or if entering on the day; correct money and pins.

    Race - Running shoes, socks, shorts, vest/t-shirt, vaseline and depending on weather; long sleeve alternative, gloves, buff.

    Post race - Normally I just change my t shirt and throw a sweatshirt and some bottoms on, but if it's been throwing it down you'll need a change of shoes, socks, underwear, t-shirt, and then a sweatshirt/fleece, pants. plus a towel/shower stuff if you plan to use the facilities at the center (i never bother) and then drink and food. 

    My car key goes in the little key pocket on my shorts with no problems.


  • Depending on race: Sports drink, water bottle, munchies, gels, bananas, jaffa cakes. Depending on facilities, hot drink in flask for pre and/or post race, if no showers, deodorant and towel.
    Emergency money and contact tel no.
    Don't forget to set your alarm and try to be there 1 hr before the start to park, sort out loos, register, change, chill, soak up atmosphere, panic image

  • Whenever you see a free portaloo, use it!

  • Ooh err. Arent there toilet facilities around the course then ? Or is it a case of just nipping off the course and finding somewhere appropriate ?

  • Yeah but you don`t want to need to do that. Hydrate well the day before and not too much in the 2 hours before the race.

  • Cheers ET - are running Clowne ?

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