Changing facilities in Milton Keynes

Hi All, I'm in need of a little help finding changing facilities in Milton Keynes. I've recently moved jobs to MK and would like to run after work, but there a no changing facilities at work and the only other option I can think of is to join a local gym or the gear-change facility just to change after a run. Does anyone know of any of the local leisure centres where I could shower and change after work? Obviously, it would need to be on or near one of the run routes in and around MK - any advice for a well lit run around MK would also be appreciated. I ran London this year in 4h 29m, but haven't done much since, so I'm effectively starting again from scratch for a couple of halfs early next year and Berlin in September. Thanks in advance. Shawn


  • Try contacting the David Lloyd Runners

    Big and growing club in MK and I am sure they will have a solution for both issues !!

  • There are changing rooms at xscape skiing but I'm not sure if they have showers. It is a big room through the ladies loos where lots of peolple get chaged into their ski gear.

  • Sorry - should have said - probably same with blokes loos but obviously I've never been in there image


    xScape is very close to run routes at campbell park and willen lake, both of which are part of the MK Marathon route.

  • Can't you just change in your work toilets? Disabled toilet cubicles are usually big enough for this. Then just travel home sweaty and have a proper wash there.

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