Beginner, not Half Marathon.

I am, frankly, rubbish at running. I have done a couple of 5k charity runs, but I want to build up to a 10k.  Hopefully beyond.  I only run on treadmills as then I know how far I have gone and how fast I am going.  Any tips for working out a route or timings?  I don't want to plug myself into a heart monitor, GPS or a stop watch, just low-key running advice please.


  • The Half marathon is over thirteen miles so you will need to build up a long run. Increase your mileage slowly.
  • You don't say how fast you if you want to train for a 10k without a route or timings, why not just run for an hour easy each session, maybe do 30-45 mins flat out once a week. You may be quicker or slower over 10k than this (1 hour), but at some point most regular runners would be able to run 10k in under an hour in a race, if not it will be just over. If you're much faster than an hour then 1) train properly! 2) running for an hour would give you a little extra endurance.

  • Hi george, if you want to start running outside low key without gps etc i would run a route that you are comfortable with i.e 45 mins flat and measure it on google/ or in your car! That way you will know you far you are running in total but dont need to rely upon any gadgets!

    When i started running I followed this approach. However, once you have a good level of running fitness the best way to improve is to know how fast you are running and what kind of pace you are running at. Unfortunately you will only be able to do this with a gps watch/garmin footpod.

    You might benefit by joining a local running club, they will give you good advice on routes in your area and they will help with training plans etc...
  • George,

    Check this link out: 5K/10K training as well as the marathon training site.

    It should give you a good idea as to what you can achieve, and how much training is required


  • Try looking on the events page for some local half marathons
  • Sussex Runner, from what I can gather from reading his first post and title, I think he does not wan't to do a half, instead he has experience with 5k but would like to move on to 10k? and only using a treadmill?.

    This to me kinda seems like you are shooting yourself in the foot George, 99% of 10k's that you will race will not be on a treadmill.. so when you decide you are fit enough for the 10k you may be in for a shock because running on a treadmill is easier than running in the outdoors. 

    As suggested before I recoommend finding a 5k to 10k plan and trying to stick with that, is there any reason you do not run outside? or just preference. Running on the treadmill inside in the warm will do you good, but in my opinion there is no substitute for running in harsh conditions to really harden yourself up and prepare you for race day.

  • Thank you all for your,very useful, feedback. Most of my running has been inside because I haven't really had an outside in which to run.

    I will follow the advice with regards to the distance measurement and start running outside. I hadn't thought about a club, so again thank you.
  • Are you half marathon training in prison?
  • For distance, you can use Google Maps, or better yet Google Earth (you can trace a route on that) to figure out a distance, then time yourself with a watch?

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