Gloucester Marathon 20 Jan 2013

There's not that many marathons in January, and this one fills a gap nicely. 3 times round a 7 mile loop of quiet rural roads, and a bit to make up the distance. Not as flat as London, maybe 6 or 7 minutes difference. Not the cheapest, but what you get for your money is a proven First Aid service, and a hired sports hall. Mementos and prizes have been quite nice too.

Forumites and Fetchies will be in attendance.



  • And I've just entered and put the money where the mouth is, so to speak.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hi, Blisters.

    This one is actually on my birthday.  Do I have a moral obligation to enter it?

    I'm tending not to race in winter these days due to breathing in cold air which seems to be the main trigger giving me asthma symptoms.  And you can't really race a marathon with a buff around your nose and mouth (which is what I do in my winter training LSRs)

  • TRex
    Here's my weather recollections from the various marathons that I used to target.

    April: Drizzle 50%. Sunburn 30%. Frost 10% Windy 10%. Hissing down 20% chance.
    July: Sunburn 10% Heat 40%, Drizzle 20%. Wind 10%, Shower 10% Flood10%
    Sept/Oct: Sunburn 0%. Drizzle 30% Single figure cold 40%, Wind 10% Gale 10% Fog 5% Rain 5% A really nice day 40%.
    January: Frost 10%, Snow 1%, Ice 2%, Flood 2%, Sunburn 0%, drizzle 15%, Wind 10%, Rain 10%, A really nice day 50%.
    Pedants will notice that the percentages don't add up to 100, as some options are not mutually exclusive. The irony is that I've had better weather in winter than summer. Most sunburn is in April, worst floods July, worst gales October, and January has produced a beautiful swatch of glorious blue sky days to remember. Run it for fun, as there are flatter courses out there, but this one really sets you up for April.

  • Ran this one this year and really enjoyed it. Would recommend it. Well organized nice route and good field of runners.
  • is it really not that hilly? I've been doing loads of hill training just in case image

  • There only 1 hill on each lap and its only 75-100m long and it's not even a hill. Great course but can be open to the elements, it's always long in there measurements so if your going for a time back a couple mins. Even tho the course altered slightly last year it was still long. 26.4ish so nothing to shout about.
  • I will be there as well. It is a great low key race. The only problem is that the one hill gets longer and steepwe each lap!

  • Hello everyone, sorry for butting in. Am I right in thinking that this one has a 5hr 30min time limit for the Mara?

  • I promise you that it's not long. I also promise you that your Garmin is only accurate to 99%. That seems good enough, but it equates to that 0.262 miles, ie about 400m on an open country marathon. Whenever I've run London mara the data log reckons I've done 27-28 miles. Total rubbish. It's mathematical errors of triangulation created by satellite radio signals being bounced off the reflective walls of high rise buildings, and shielding by buildings, which means that triangulation is calculated from a different set of satellites every few hundred metres. Once in a while the calculation will estimate that you're in the Thames. That's only true for a limited period with most athletes. The Garmin's a great tool, but it is a tool and you need to understand it. BTW, all the other runner GPS devices use the same receiver/computer, so they are all the same. (Did I go OTT there? sorry)

    Vixxy, no idea. check the previous race results to see what they really do.

  • Thanks Blisters. Have just looked and the last person was 5:29:xx and the three after that person had no time by them (that was recognisable as a time - just numbers).

    Won't be doing this one then image

  • Yep OTT but its still long, what planet are you from Blisters? Satellite radio crap? 400 if that Garmin's?? You have lost it mate! 2011 I passed the 26m marker bleep goes the Garmin bang on and .4 to the finish, ask the 3 guys who missed sub 3 by 15 secs they wondered what the hell was going on as did the few around me! A better organised and better route last year but same again 26.4 and many guys I know said the same a little long, I agree London, Rome etc all the big races are 26.5-28m coz we can't run a blue line but we expect that, I was not slagging this marathon off coz I like it and have talked many friends including my son doing his 1st marathon here in January. Just saying as people want a GFA etc to bear this in mind and to bank it. It's a good marathon and I plan on coming back again and again no matter what. Like I say if was just me fine! It ain't!!
  • Just entered along with Mrs Easy!  It's my first, so I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not.  Mrs Easy isn't keen on 'loop marathons'; she did Luton a few years back and that's three times around the same course, and she found it a bit tedious.

    Stil, it'll help shift some Christmas fat I suppose! 

  • Did this one on a whim this year - no training and totally pissed up the night before - still managed to break 5hrs. The one hill of around 100m definitely gets longer each time around. Muzza agree with you - course is slightly long - Garmin also measured almost exact on every mile marker and yet from the 26m took .4 of a mile not .2. Oh and for all those doing it this year remember to have a running jacket with you - it can get rather exposed out in the countryside and a slight breeze at that time of year will feel rather cold. Nice run otherwise but as I have now moved back to Scotland I wont be doing it next year

  • Hi, is there anything such as refreshments/keep dry/toilets/erm entertainment at the start finish or even nearby. I'm aware that January weather is not the best for my young family who might come and watch.
  • Hi thinking of this race how many entries do they get roughly thx
  • No entertainment but your family will get to see you at least 5 times if you suds the route and a short bit of walking for them. It's a small village so nothing there except a Tescos, tea coffee cake etc in the hall.

    Powell 1, last few years it filled, 500ish this year it's 600 max. I think that's a total with 50k as well but I'm not 100% on that.
  • Thx Muzza not bad for time of year will start training
  • It's a little race to start the year off. It's a bit confusing before the race directions etc but just follow everyone else as we all get walked to the startline from the school about 15 mins before the start. Nice medal and a Tshirt for this year. image
  • I'm in.  Can't wait....well thats a slight lie.. but you know what I mean.

  • is it nearly that time already

  • Easy, easy, easy Mick!

    Will you and Phil be coming again?

  • Mr Blister

    how are u old bean

    we may do, i'll have to see how i am, i return to training in ealy January

    in October i had a op to remove an - Non milignant - tumour from my lung

    expereince is on my side, but consultant says - just dont go seeking the old pbs as their gone

    you may have to coach and mentor me all over again image 

  • HA HA Mick, me coach you? If you listened to the Consultant it will have been for the first time in your life.
    -If you're missing a chunk of lung, that's not going to help. It's not the end to your Comrades ambition though.
    -How's the ripped leg attachment stringy bit?
    -The back should be a bit better after a lay off.
    -Don't tell me you've put weight on and you're now 8 stone?

    One piece of advice, if you want it take it, if you don't want it, just skip..
    You have got NOTHING to prove to anybody Mick. You've been there, done it, got the T shirt, the supporters club, and the status of iconic legend. I'm sure that Phil enjoys just being out and taking in the atmosphere of the events, and meeting old mates.

  • ha bladdy ha image 

    the attachment u speak of - ( i'm told medically ) that for a man of my age i have a very large prostate gland - so, sometimes after about 9 miles - ish - my bladder starts working overtime - HM's - ok - after that can become pretty uncomphy

    My back is better, after years of dismantling electric scooters and wheelchairs into a vehicle never designed for doing so - we now have a wheelchair accessable vehicle - though my back gets sore some days still - but it is as ive been told, - some things in life can come just too late

    i can resume running in late december - early January - just how ?? it will go i have absolutely no idea - i'm not at all bothered , i'll deal with it as it happens

    i must say, i loved all our times together - i have NOT forgotten, and never will - ( you , me and lots of others ) truelly inspired each other

    and i sincerely hope that ALL the expereinced runners can mentor and and inspire the lesser expereinced runners - to achieve what we all have and feel good   

  • Piss in the bushes Mick. Like the rest of us.
    2x ibuprofen won't get you a lifetime ban.
    6x coffees might, though...

  • If the marathon is cancelled you may not get your money back. I entered another event organised by Beyond The Limitations; the Berkeley marathon to be held in November 2012. In September it was cancelled due to a lack of entries. Despite emails, a letter, and phone calls, including a warning that I would leave this entry on Runner's World website, I have not had any response; let alone my money back. 

  • Hi John - that's the reason I won't be entering until the last minute! I know the organiser has had some health issues so it may or may not happen depending on who steps in I guess. It would be a great start to the year so I am hoping to do it. Would be great to see Mick 'n' Phil there too, fitness permitting of course ...

  • If everyone leaves it to the last minute then the noose tightens on the race. Have faith.

    They did have a 50k race cancelled due to flooding in 2007 and re-ran it a month later.

  • They cancelled Berkely marathon in sept due to lack of entries I think. Saying that I'd not be happy if they didn't give the cash back! Naughty!! If they have taken money it should be returned or run the race no matter how few runners.
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