Gloucester Marathon 20 Jan 2013



  • This guys web page from last years race gives a nice review of the run and garmin information gives an idea of the undulations:

  • I'm doing the 50k on the weekend!  I fully expect to be the last one back and absolutely terrified about hitting the 5hr 30 limit, but not much I can do about it now! Hopefully I won't be the only one shuffling along at the back, not sure I could bear the embarrassment of being the only one left in the field whilst everyone was clearing up around me... Anyhow please do give me a wave when you shoot past me! image  

  • RB that's what I thought about bags but it says you might have to go to an overflow carpark quarter of a mile away which is quite a long way after 50km in a cold day.

    When I did Cotswold ( organised by same people ) you could give in bag at start with jacket in so stay warm ish before the race starts
  • RB, yeah quad sold out in a day or 2, done a few if there events and its a great friendly race. Only 50-100 runners in each race as there 7.5 laps of a lake. I did a double there b4 Xmas. Like u say run firm but fair and see how each day goes. Have a look
  • If the start is the same as last year it's about a 10 min walk up to the start. 50k is slightly less but starts 5-10 mins after the marathon I think!!
  • Get well soon Micknphil,lets hear the motivation because I will need it for this,training poor with Asthma,so hope slow runners at the back will get me through the last lap.

  • On a really killjoy note, does anyone know how efficient the organisers are at deciding if event goes ahead bearing in mind weather at moment. Have a good trek from Derbyshire to get down to Gloucester and don't want to struggle through the snow on Saturday to discover its been cancelledimage.

    Digging out full kit for all scenarios inc charity shop duffle coat to dump at start. Can't be doing with relying on baggage transferimage

    Mick, I think it was Wolves I saw you last.

    Hi Hellen, I saw you at Wolves too!! Some way ahead of me though as you emerged from the track with lead runner motorbike at the side of you!image 

  • EASY - EASY - EASY -  imageimageimage


  • imageGood lad Mickimage

  • lad- you mean Grandad - 5 times over LMAO


  • Hee hee that was me BR!

    No idea about possible cancellations and communication of that. I will be leaving after lunch on sat so want to know before then! Preferably before 1pm as I have til then to cancel my Hotel
  • It's not looking good weather wise, Friday looks like the worse of it, hope its clear come Sunday. Fingers crossed!

    I saw you Mick and Phil at Wolves, hope you recover fast and get back to the Marathons! image
  • Hi Muzza - cheers friend

    hoping ure well

  • Snow Friday, overcast Saturday and snow Sunday.  Interesting mix.

    Will keep an eye on the website.  Helen if you like I can contact you Saturday if you are travelling and no access to websites etc.


  • Thanks RB but I will most likely leave after lunch sat so will have access before then and have iphone so will prob check website on the way when I stop for the loo as even though its only a couple of hours I am bound to have to stop!!

  • No worries, I am leaving Sunday morning as I am just a bit south of Bath so not too far for me - probably will have to stop as well!


  • I see the webpage has been updated ... with that they will make a decision Friday on weather ... and go or no go.

  • If they cancel Friday I won't be happy! It will be gone by Sunday!
  • That is the danger with cancelling on Friday, a lot could change but I suppose they don't want a New York situation where everyone arrives and gets annoyed they have made the journey

    I remember a few years back they decided on the afternoon to cancel school the next day as we already had snow and loads was forcast overnight. Management looked really silly when no snow came and what we had melted yet we all had the day off
  • Given the forecast for the Midlands on Friday and Saturday, I'm not sure I'd be able to get there but personally, I'd prefer a decision on Friday..don't want a Shakespeare marathon repeat..cancelled 2 minutes before the start.

  • Damned if they do damned if they don't I guess ... would rather know on Friday than on Sunday AM.

    Still will go for the run though - just down the tow path instead!  A bit lonely though!

  • I agree Running Bench, I wouldn't be a race organiser for any amount of moneyimage

  • Does anyone knwo what time Friday the announcement is due? Im due to leave Preston Friday around 1pm, with my wife and 1 year old in tow... Cant see any info on the website??

  • Marc..we are all in limbo now. Guess you will have the same weather issues as me.

  • Marc, did you run the Liverbird Marathon on New Years Eve, because I was thinking you were the fella that I ran the first half with, because you said Preston and mentioned your wife and one year old, which you had told me about.

  • Taper madness reigns supreme.

    At the moment, Gloucester has had no snow at all. Temperatures have been higher than other parts of the country. The microclimate for the route is such that local snow showers tend to miss it, preferring to land on the Cotswold hills that form the sides of the Severn valley. The route is virtually in the river. Worst scenario is melt water off the fields becoming sheet ice across the roads.

    I have run this race, and the 20 miler when it's been sub zero.
    I'd say to keep some warm clothes and a flask in your car, you'll be parking in the school very near to the start.
    I might plan to run with a light jacket that I can take off or put on again if I slow down, get cold, or if a breeze springs up. 

    There's probably only 6 to 10 people with a chance of winning the races, even then it's going to be tactical. The rest of us won't even be looking at PBs. Enjoy the challenge and dream of summer.

    Easy. EASY? Easy!


  • Blisters I am quite mellow at the moment, ha ha. 

    Weather update - looks like snow on Friday and cold on Sat and colder on Sun -1 high and -4 low for Sunday ... I have changed my gear to tights with a running jacket to hold stuff in!

    I might get a PB seeing as I have never run this distance on the road before!  If there are parts I can ice skate down even better! 

  • Blisters - nice post old son -

    As Mr Blisters says ,the loop on this marathon has previously hosted the old Glouc 10 and 20 - mostly it was in reverse of what this run is

    we have run it in horrendously icey conditions in the past - IMHO, this anticlockwise route is far tougher than its clockwise way round - there are some flattish bits, but very little -

    again IMHO, the old 20 miler was an excellant tester for any marathon, and well, if you can complete this marathon, then it make likes of VLM look like a fun run  

  • yes, wrap up and carry a thin lightweight jacket tied to you waist - if you get to need it out there, you may just wish you had it

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