Footwear advice for ex-Road Runner turned walker

Hi all, 

I could do with a bit of sound advice. I've started doing some pole assisted road walking (5-10 miles), up and down steep 1:3 & 1:4 gradients and find my Meindl boots a bit uncomfortable and rather heavy. Does anyone recommend any suitable footwear? I've looked at Asics Gel trainers and Brooks which people have said offer good support and cushioning?


  • I also forgot to add that I have a narrow (c width) foot and I did the 'wet test' which says I have a normal foot which is apparently biomechanically efficient.

  • I had my gait analysed and video'd at a local sports shop. They said I over pronate and suggested Asics 2170 GT's? Are there any other shoes people recommend? Would be good to get a few answers.

  • If you're not actually running, your feet/ankles won't be subject to the stresses and strains running causes, so even if you are a pronator, you might not need specific pronation shoes. Just a thought, and an assumption, which may not be correct! Instead of running shoes why not try some specific walking shoes. Sometimes called approach shoes. Or maybe just any old pair of cheap trainers that are comfy. That's my thoughts anyway...
  • I walk very quickly up and down very steep gradients 1:3 & 1:4 so the load on my body downhill will still be high. Thanks for the advice.

  • Probably worth trying the Asics recommended in the shop then. If you're a pronator they should help with that, plus they're well cushioned so should be comfortable for walking. For training on steep hills, remember to lace them up tight enough that your foot isn't moving forwards inside the shoe on the steep descents.
  • Good advice RWD.

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