Hellrunner 2012 Distance


Did anyone run Hell Down South this year with their Garmin?

It felt longer than last year so wondered what the actual distance was?



  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    I was wondering that too Laura,
    I thought it was longer: it was definitely a harder course with the few changes they made!
    My time was also down on previous years, which I just put down to the new terrain, but would be interested to know if anyone measured it.
    At least the water wasn't as cold as in previous years (i.e. no ice on the bog of doom)

  • Just over 9 - forgot to stop my Garmin.....but was also 5 minutes slower due to course changes making many bits un-runnable...!

  • Mine made it 9.1 miles, yet it felt longer than last years. Having said that there were many more hills, and tight turns, so quite possibly the actual "run" distance was nearer 10 miles.
  • lots more water sections this year, more "cliff like" climbs....i was 3 minutes slower than the previous year, but we started in wave 2, and were slowed drastically in the second half of the race as we just couldnt get past people queueing to get up the climbs. So on a personal level i was probably physically quicker across the ground this year, and certainly this time around i ran up all the "runnable" hills.
  • I was 6 mins slower - if i'd ran the same time I'd be in top 100image  - the walk points were many as they are so narrow....think they went a little too far this time - and as for the barbed wire fence at the bottom of the hill!!FFS. Not impressed with the mass 'wrong way' at the start - seems we were supposed to do dunes first - that would have been a killer....

  • Garmin's don't tend to record distance on v steep hills as GPS thinks you are stationary...

  • Was that true about the wrong turn ? I walked up there at the start and the arrows did seem to indicate that we should have gone straight on at the start and across through the trees into the dunes, but then i thought that may have been indicating the fun run route ?
  • Nope - my wife asked - thus why the usual photographer wasn't on the bridge....not sure how many did go the right way in the end.....I just went the way we always go....

  • I wondered why the photographer wasn't on the bridge !!!!

    But I think we went a different way as we cut off left just after that?

    I just followed everyone else

    So should we have gone straight on?

    We were in wave 1 and there were loads of bottlenecks going up the hills and where it was narrow in places
  • That explains it about the stop start at the begining then. I emailed trail plus this morning and they confirmed the route was 10 miles althugh would be interected to know the ascent and descent figures ..

  • Elevation Gain: 242 m Elevation Loss: 249 m Min Elevation: 86 m Max Elevation: 152 m
  • Does anyone have a record of how far it was last year?
  • Pretty much 9.1 on my watch again..but see caveat above about GPS
  • I have 9.26 on my garmin. Distance wise it felt about the same, maybe even a touch shorter than last year. I seemed to be at the bog of doom a lot sooner this year - and then more distance in the dunes - although the dunes for me we horrific so it took an age. I didn't have my garmin last year so can't be sure though.

    I was 4 minutes slower this year but a fair way up the field compared to last year. I think that's testament to how tough it was. I really enjoyed the crazy steep stuff though. From a background of skiing and climbing, jumping down 45 degree slopes feels natural ... no barbed wire though.

    I though the photographer at the start was just having a joke about the wrong direction.


  • same here - I was surprised to see such a low mileage on my garmin & had to conclude that it was either struggling to keep track through some of the wooded sections or/and it was the climbs & descents that it couldn't measure. This was my 3rd & I still have a love/hate thing when it comes to the cold deep water. Am glad to have got away towards the front & avoided most of the queing, it sounds like there were a few issues for some but I for one think it was really well put together & will very likely return for more punishment image


  • Absolutely I will definitely back next year - this was my 3rd too! image
  • Didn't realise we had gone the wrong way!   Course was certainly different this year - more deep water and those hills!!  Definitely more dunes too.

    Garmin said 9.24miles this year.

    Last year it reckoned 9.22 miles.


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